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Seat Down

I would never learn. I, like many men would never ever put the toilet seat down. It drove my female roommate mad. Technology is a funny thing that is growing rapidly in an exponential fashion. A small device has been designed which could alter reality. My roommate had one. She felt it quite fitting I became a woman for a month so I could finally leave the seat down. Read more

A New Roommate

Getting a roommate to help with the rent as an out-of-shape nerd was impossible. One quick magic spell later, I’m a hot blonde with guys outside my door, dying to be my new roommate. I finally decided on this cute guy who we agreed on would pay all the rent in the apartment as long as we’d fuck at least once a day. It’s a win-win.

The Stickers

I ran into Jonathan’s room as soon as he left for his road trip. There it was, the safe! I approached the safe with caution so that I don’t move anything else in his room. I started to turn the dial: 23-11-49… Click! The safe’s lock unlatched and its door popped open a little. I knew it! Of course that wasn’t any random number on that sticky note! They were the numbers for the safe! Read more

Just Like You Always Wanted.

“Oh honey, isn’t this what you wanted?” My wife capped her lips over my enlarged areola, teething my nipple and lettin go as she and I watched my newly swollen chest jiggle onto itself , “I thought you said you were transgender, wanted to become a woman, and we could become lesbians afterwards?” Read more

Slut Crown

I was so engrossed by the book I was reading that I didn´t notice when Hank snuck up behind me and put something on my head. Read more

The perfect roommate

It was getting harder to pay the rent and bills. So you started looking for a new roommate. Tom, the first guy you interviewed seemed like the perfect guy to have as a roommate. So you chose him, and explained the few rules you had. Apart from covering a deposit, he would have to pay half the rent, and each week, he and you would take turns cleaning the flat. Read more

the suit

I was eager to go home. I had spent my life saving on a bodysuit, and today was the day for it to arrive home. I tried to get home early, but there was just so much work to do. Anyways, on my way home, I couldn’t but fantasize how good it would be to squeeze my bodysuit breasts, and how weird it would be to have a pussy. Read more

Can’t resisit

When Ted went out of the shower he felt that something is wrong. He grabbed his boobs and screamed “What the!” He stopped hearing his feminine voice. “What the hell. Why did i turn into a chick” He said looking in the mirror. Read more

The two sides of the wishing coin

When my roommate Jonathan and I returned to our room from the campus, we were puzzled to find a wet golden coin on our carpet floor. It wasn’t there when we left the room. Neither of us has seen it before. We wondered how much it was going to worth. I reluctantly picked the coin up to stash it somewhere safe and to clean the soaked carpet. Suddenly, a fairy popped out from the coin. Read more