So, this is my third year of college. I have always been a bully, I always make fun and even hurt geeks at school. I didn’t care if they were students of teachers, I would make their lifes a living hell.

One day I put glue on the chair of our Physics teacher. He wasn’t so pleased. I was called into the dean’s office. When I entered, I found it weird that the room was completely black. The only light in the room was lighting a desk and a book. I was asked to sit down. “Welcome to attitud readjusment” my teacher said, and closed the door behind me. “A book? they expect me to read it?” I said outloud “they must be stupid”.

A few hours passed. No one came into the room, I finally looked at the book’s cover, “Kim’s Orgasm”. “what the hell?”. I started reading, it was basically porn. It was written from the girl’s point of view. I was kind of hooked. By the end of the book, I started to feel turned on. An orgasm, it was so strong. I had to close my eyes. I could feel it, I felt myself get wet. I just barely moved my hands trying to contain, but I moaned, and smiled as I came.

When it was over, I openned my eyes. I was in the dean’s office, and he was sitting infront of me. “You know why you are here?” he asked me. “No, I don’t know why! I am a perfect student” I said. “Well, some teacher’s have complained of you, they say you are behaving improperly”. I knew what he was talking about, but I didn’t want to accept it, “Apparently you have been reading <dirty> books during class and pretending to have an orgasm” he said. Pretending? I wasn’t pretending, it was the real deal. “I’m sorry, but I… I… I have been so lonely, that those books help me.” I said. My boyfriend had just broke up with me a week ago, and I have turn to those books for pleasure “It won’t happen again. I promise” I said.

As I left his office, I saw my classmate James, I knew I wanted him. That day we made out in the janitor’s closet. I have stopped reading those books, but I have just turned into the school slut… and I love it!


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