Cheater no more.

I had a woman,Carol, come into the store yesterday, she seemed desperate.
“Can I help you?” I asked as kindly as possible.
“I’m looking for the perfect swimsuit, you see- I think my husband is cheating on me- so I need to woo him back on our trip to the beach this weekend.” she said holding back tears.

She started sobbing, so I walked up to her to hug her and comfort her.
“How would you like to deal with your cheater husband and look great all at once?”
“That would be the best”
“Well you see, I have this black bikini that would look simply amazing on you. The Bonus is it comes with a spell built in”
“A spell?” she asked with a confused look on her face.
“If your husband is not cheating on you, and sees you in this bikini- he will remember why he was madly in love with you. If he is cheating, then your husband will be needing to wear a bikini too after becoming a woman”
“That sounds hilarious. But how do I know that any of that is real and that I’m not just wasting money?”
“Will you do it if I offer you a discount?”
“You have a deal”.
I rang her up for the bikini and she was on her way. Time to watch what the results on the magic mirror….
Carol really did look good in the bikini. It helped that it was a magic bikini designed to make your body look young and curvy. She was admiring herself in her mirror when she heard the apartment door open. That must be her husband. She sat on the bed waiting for him to come in the bedroom. In he walked…

“Hey Chris, like my new bikini?” she asked. But it was already too late. Carol could only sit there with mouth agape as she watched her husband transform.

A bright light seemed to surround him, which when it cleared had taken away all of his clothes, besides a bikini which looked quite odd on his overweight masculine shape.

But then the fat began to move and shift, with his body taking on a very feminine plump. His ass suddenly filled the bikini bottoms.

“Honey- what the hell is going on?” He asked from his daze.
“I knew you were cheating!” Carol yelled at him. “We’ve been married for 5 years! You were the one that asked me to marry you at 21! Why did I waste my life with you!”
“But honey it was just once with the…..” he trailed off as beautiful breasts filled the bikini top. “It was just once- the secretary had been flirting with me and I made a mistake. Why does that mean I should have this happen to me?”
Carol looked him right in his now very feminine looking face. “I don’t believe it was once. You’ve been late at work so often this whole last year.” She laughed as Chris’ hair grew longer and blonder. She thought to herself that he was looking quite beautiful- and had a good pair of breasts!
“Ok maybe it was more than once but i was planning on stopping it ….OH GOD.” Chris said as her hands shot down to the front of the bikini only to find a vagina.
“Please forgive me, and please stop this. I’m your husband and I lo…..” and Chris whole face went blank.
History was being rewritten all around them. Chris closet was suddenly filled with slutty club wear. Carol suddenly realized that she was thinking of Chris as Christine, her former sorority sister whom she had shared an apartment with since graduating. They both were young, attractive women who loved to go clubbing, and were always on the prowl for hot guys. Carol still had the memories of her husband Chris, so she knew what had happened. But beside those memories was the memory of Christine- her best friend.

“Girl, I’m so glad you got us matching bikinis” Christine said to Carol.
“I know, aren’t they cute!” Carol said back with a huge grin.
“Are you ready to hit the beach and check out the boys?” asked Christine.
“Oh am I ever!”
They took each others hands and headed out to the beach.

A job well done if I do say so. He will be a cheater no more.


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