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Whoever I Please

Oh this is the best. Who would have thought she’d be in a bikini when I made the switch? Look at that fabric hugging her flat crotch, my flat crotch. Yep, I’m a girl. How I love being a bodyhopper and getting to be whoever I please.

Wife (awruk88)

Martin awoke to shock. A woman, on a beach. He was no longer a man on his couch. That was an absolute certainty. Then it began flooding back to him. His friend, or former friend made Martin female. A beautiful girl with a slim yet not featureless body and blonde hair. Mia. Martin was hypnotised to be Mia, the girlfriend of his friend.
Martin was furious and the memories kept flooding back. His friends extravagant dinners with Mia which often followed a passionate session in a hotel room. Martin recalled the way that himself as a woman was an expert of walking in heels and wearing make up despite never having any experience before. Then he remembered the marriage.
This was not any day at the beach. It was Mia’s honeymoon following her wedding. Her beautiful wedding were she wore the most elegant white dress. She was so pretty. It disgusted Martin.
However, there was no way out. Martin was Mia, he would never be a male again. He was a woman and the wife of his friend, her husband. It’s time to move on and live the life as the wife of his friend.

Modelling for love (Request by @tgkid123)

Tristan would never have imagined that this would happen when he agreed to help his crush Jillian with a photography sesion. As she proposed that, he happily accepted, just wanting to spend some time with her. They drove into a tranquil, far cove and she started to prepare their cameras and such things.
“Well Tristan, I just want you to put this on and pose, standing on the beach. It will be easy, just act natural, OK?”-She said.
He just took the bag and went to change behind some trees. In the bag there was just a small, pink bikini.
“Emm… Jill, I think you made a mistake, there is a bikini here!”-Shouted from behind the trees.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. I just want to make some work with boys dressed as girls. I’ll pixel your face before publishing the photos if you want.”
He agreed and put the bikini on. Suddenly his body started to change. He grew a nice pair of breasts and in few minutes his body was the one of a very attractive woman. If he had a mirror, he would have seen an exact copy of Kate Upton.
He ran to Jillian, terrified. “What have you done to me?”-He said in a sweet feminine voice
“Oh, sorry for not telling you about, Kate. I’ve enchanted this bikini to make you look like a supermodel. If you tell me at the end of the sesion, I’ll reverse the spell, I promise”
Tristan, or Kate, began to model. It was so easy, she felt that she had done it a thousand times before. She loved every second of the sesion, that lasted for hours. At the end, she was so excited and happy, and knew she was going to be a woman for the rest of her life


“Carl, why are you starting at me like that?”, said Mike nervously, as he looked into the dark warehouse. Read more

Live Stream Product

It was a supreme investment opportunity. The way in which Barry, Nathan and Adam had discovered ways for men to become women was revolutionary. Yet there was no way they could sell it legally. They couldn’t even administer it to others.
They decided they would display their handiwork on themselves via a live stream. People had to pay to stream the display of a true feat of scientific advancement. Millions tuned in each paying a substantial amount of money.
Once on air the three men all produced green bikinis. They each one by one slipped the bottoms on. The camera zoomed as it demonstrated the changes. The lower halves of their bodies became absolutely female. Their hips widened, hair diminished, skin softened, rears ballooned and their crotches flattened. Adam even gave the viewers a sneak peak of his (or maybe her) new genitalia down below.
They then all put the tops on. Their chests ballooned and stomachs flattened as arms became thin, lips plumped and hair sprouted. The soon all appeared as women. Barry was Beatrice (left). Nathan was Natasha (middle). The vagina-flashing Adam became Ava (right).
They all gave the viewers a show. They flashed their breasts and danced around. They flashed their asses and masturbated. The live stream was an immense hit.
The publicity was huge. They had millions of e-mails requesting the gender changing products they supplied. But they couldn’t, law said no. However, it didn’t stop them. The three inventors loved feminity and they saw it as a great idea to share it with everyone.
They made millions selling the products. Billions even. It soon became trillions.
It’s been five years now. Beatrice, Natasha and Ava are all still women and very happy. Thanks to their products 89% of the world is women. People simply couldn’t resist. These three women have changed the world forever more than any one in history before them. They are immensely popular and are goddesses to the world and they wouldn’t trade any of it.

Fourth Wish

I used to have to stuff my bra up top and do some creative tucking down below to get the proper effect. And the last thing I would ever want to do is to spread my legs in the fear that something might just flop out. Read more

More Into It Than He Knows

Jeff’s mom used her magic powers to have the daughter she always wanted, telling him it was just a trial and to see what he thought. He was changed into Jenna, and was going with the groove, even dancing as his boobs bounced in his two piece bikini set. His mom desperately wanted grandchildren before she passed however, and Jeff had not provided them. She thought perhaps as a daughter she would, but would need some coercing. Read more

Magical Bikini Lust

Harold was warned about the magic swimsuit, but he intended to give it to his girlfriend to make her lustful for him. He was told not to touch it however, and he did so anyway, by accident, while getting ready to wrap it, as part of it was out of the protective packaging. Seconds later he was a curvaceous brunette, and was compelled to put on the bikini set. He was then compelled to out to the beach, where he was lusting after the hunky lifeguard, tugging on his white bikini bottoms in lust for this man whom now looked to him like a handsome stud. Read more


They were all wrapped. Being offered the opportunity to be beautiful females for the weekend don’t come often. Particularly for men.
For Ryan, Nate, Barry and Fred they had this chance and the took it. None of them are going back, that’s for sure.

Coming Out Of Shell

He was always the quiet type. People urged him to come out of his shell but he refused. He was the quiet type, there was no doubt about that. His friends felt that he was a great person and others needed to see that, so they did him a favour. They allowed him to come out of his shell.
The wizard was more than happy to assist. He cast the spell that made him a her. He became a stunning blonde with an outgoing personality.
Her new identity was that of Shawna and she had a reasonable amount of money which meant she had the ideal wardrobe for an outgoing woman. Mini skirts, lingerie, fake tan, make up, pantyhose, bikinis and the colour pink was in abundance.
Shawna was world famous for her social media. Nothing was off limits. Next week she’s delving into the realm of pornography. She certainly came out of her shell.