Get Around

Steven sat on the beach with his date Karen enjoying a relaxing summer day. The whole day Steven eyed up Karen, taking every opportunity to ogle her body in her bikini. Eventually Steven got thirsty but didn’t feel like walking to the boardwalk to get a drink, so he told Karen to.
“Do it yourself, I’m not your slave.” Karen snapped back.
“God, you don’t have to be a bitch about it. I wish girls were more agreeable like they used to be, back in the day.” Steven said
“Oh yeah?” Karen said as she began waving her hands in strange arcs. Karen was a witch, but of course Steven didn’t know that. Karen thought that she would give Steven what he wanted.

There was a bright white flash and suddenly Steven realized something was different. The beach was no longer as crowded, and when he looked behind him to the city he didn’t see any skyscrapers and the sky was much bluer. He felt something on his chest and as he looked down he realized what he felt was a yellow bikini holding two quite small breasts. He gasped in a girls voice and looked around. He was laying on a surfboard and there were four more around him. The cars parked in the lot all looked like they were from the 50s or 60s, and in one of them the radio was playing the Beach Boys’ “Get Around”.

“Hey Sandy!” A man’s voice called. Steven automatically turned his head and smiled, even though he knew that wasn’t his name. “Get off the board, I’m going surfing.” The man said running up to Steven. Somehow the man knew Steven and somehow Steven knew him. Immediately Steven rolled off the board and into the sand with a girlish giggle. ‘Why am I acting like this?’ Steven thought, his mind in a panic. ‘Why can’t I control myself? Where is Karen, where am I? Why am I a girl? Oh my god I can’t feel my dick at all!’

The man took his board and turned to go back to the water, but first asking something from Steven/Sandy
“Hey babe, me and the guys are hungry, could you get us some sandwiches and pop?”
Steven felt himself smile and pop up on his feet. “Of course, anything for you boys.” He found himself saying in his new soprano, running his hand along his side flirtatiously. Steven turned around to start walking, and the man pinched his butt, causing Steven to jump. Mentally Steven still had no idea what was going on, but as the day went on he found out he was now Sandy, a naughty co ed who did pretty much anything a man asked of her, and had a few boyfriends. And on top of that, it was 1960! While Steven lived as a slave inside the body of another person, Karen relaxed in the present. She was glad she could give Steven what he wants, a time when girls were more agreeable. She hoped Steven could adapt, because that’s how Steven was going to spend the rest of his days.


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