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Drive Through Help

The Drive Through Help was meant to help those with problems in a quick manner to save time. The clerk at the drive up told Larry his problem was he never started a family. So he was turned into a mom with a baby in a car seat in the back, and even his corvette was changed to a minivan. Larry drove off stunned as the clerk now called “him” Lara, and called her Miss. Read more

Wished to Be Loved

Henry wished he could be well loved, and suddenly he was getting fucked by a man, as an ultra horny hetero woman! He was instantly relishing the penis inside his new equipment, as he heard the man’s voice and realized it was his buddy Jeff. When Jeff grunted and called him his wife Jenna, Henry was in shock but also in orgasm, his new man filling him up like the woman he was. Read more

Hubby and Wife

The hubby Bill was watching his wife have sex with his friend Dale, he was into watching his wife do it with another man. Linda, his wife, wondered why he enjoyed watching them so much, but also indulged in trying out another man. Read more

Not complaining anymore

I always hated how I had to work and do everything around the house, while my wife just laid in bed until past ten in the morning. So this morning, while I was taking a shower before work, a wish popped into my mind “sometimes I wish I would be able to stay at home instead of my wife”. I didn’t expect the wish to work. I saw the shower droplets freeze in space. It was an unreal image, it must have lasted a few seconds, but felt like hours. Read more

Cheater no more.

I had a woman,Carol, come into the store yesterday, she seemed desperate.
“Can I help you?” I asked as kindly as possible.
“I’m looking for the perfect swimsuit, you see- I think my husband is cheating on me- so I need to woo him back on our trip to the beach this weekend.” she said holding back tears. Read more

Pearl Necklace

Larry had decided he wanted to get his beautiful wife a pearl necklace for their anniversary. His mistake was telling her ahead of time.
In the throws of passion he had blurted out “God honey, I so want to give you a pearl necklace”
“WHAT” she pulled away from him, shocked.
“You know, a pearl necklace would be a great treat for your anniversary he explained “I really think you’ll you’ll it”
“Why you bastard, how dare you ask me that!” she stormed out of the room, while Larry sat up confused.
Little did he know she was a witch, and when she came back in, her eyes glowing, he recoiled in fear
“You want pearl necklaces?” she growled “I’ll make it so you can get all you want”
She chanted some strange words, mist swirled, and loud clap, and Larry became a beautiful confused girl. But she did have a lovely pearl necklace


When my wife and I arrived at the outback motel, a woman with ample cleavage checked us in, then another identical looking one took our bags to our room.
The weather was so hot and I had worked up a serious thirst, so we decided to go to the bar and order drinks. When our drinks arrived, the barmaid’s breasts almost fell out of the top of her dress when she bent over to serve our drinks.
It seemed strange that there didn’t seem to be any men at all in this town, my wife commented. Read more


The latch on the door to our dressing room clicked open and I slowly turned my head to see my wife standing in the doorway.
The groceries she was carrying immediately fell to the floor and her jaw dropped open.
“Oh my god, is that you Martin?” she gasped.
“Oh, hi sweetheart I didn’t expect you home so soon, could you help me find a bra and nickers that fit, I’ve got these curves everywhere!”
“But..but what happened?” she squealed. Read more

New Sex Life

When my wife told me she wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, I was thrilled. We had been lacking in the intimacy department when she had got promoted up to a new engineering position at the company she worked for. Read more