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Don’t Fight it

The last thing I remembered was the crash I was driving fast trying to get out of town after it had become overrun with the bimbo virus. I had just watched my best-friends turn right before my eyes, I was alone and scared and emotional I took the first car I could find and left town as fast as I could until I hit the pothole. The car flipped into the air and came to rest in front of an old college as I blacked out I saw a group of women running over having just seen the crash.   Read more

Schlechter Tag für Pornos Teil 1

Der 13 jährige Martin hat sich wohl den falschen Tag für tg Pornos ausgesucht oder wie er jetzt mit seinen Riesen Bimbo Brüsten genannt wird, Lucy Wild.
Seine Mutter kam etwas früher zurück und sah den Laptop ihres Sohnes auf der Couch liegen, Sie wollte ihn eigentlich nur wegräumen aber zu Ihrer Verwunderung sah Sie ein tg Porno. Sie begriff schnell, dass Ihr Sohn lieber eine Frau sein möchte doch leider ging da etwas schief. Read more

This Isn’t Me

Ever since this happened my minds gone crazier and crazier. I went from man to woman and despite my initial panic I was ok but my minds changing. I seem to be consistently losing my intellectual talent and my interests keep on changing. I went from liking cars and sports to being obsessed with lipsticks, lingerie, skirts and heels. What’s most concerning is my desire for men. I can’t stop thinking about cock and my desperate need for one inside me. What’s happening to me? This isn’t me.

My Revenge

I sat crosslegged in Chris’s living room dangling my high heal on my show, waiting eagerly for Chris to get home. That’s how I’ve been for the last week, ever since he used the reality remote to make me a clone of Christina Hendrick’s character from Man Men. I was mortified to suddenly be some buxom woman dressed from the ’60s, but before I could react he pushed a button and… Read more

Pregnant Now

“Hey, wake up!” I heard a voice shouting at me from just above. I woke up and slowly remembered staying the night at Jake’s house. I shook my head, opened my eyes, and looking in the direction of the voice.
“Holy shit!” I screamed, backing away out from under my blankets on the floor. “Who are you?” I gorgeous, dark haired woman in pink nightwear was sitting on the edge of Jake’s bed, her hands resting on her heavily pregnant belly.
“It’s me, Jake!” she said, grinning and rubbing her belly. I just stared at the strange woman, dumbfounded. how could she possibly be Jake? “Remember when we were messing with my sister’s ‘magic’ wishing stone. Well…turns out it really was magic. I jokingly wished to be a sexy pregnant lady, and here I am!”
“And you’re happy about this?”
“Yeah. At first when I woke up, it was rough. I was terrified, but now I kinda love my body: big belly, heavy boobs, and all,” she paused, looking coyly at me. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched her rub her sexy belly. I tried to ignore those thoughts, but I found myself infatuated with the woman my best friend had become.
“And don’t you remember your wish?” she asked, walking up to me and putting her hands on my shoulders, her warm belly pressed up against me.
I nodded, “I said ‘if he’s going to be pregnant, than I wish I was the father.’, so that means…”
“You’re a daddy now,” she said softly, grinning crazily. I reached out and put my own hand on her belly, her belly that was holding my child: a child I didn’t even remember conceiving. But what did that matter? I maneuvered my hand down to the edge of her gown, and pulled it up slightly, revealing her lack of underwear. She shrugged her shoulders, and let the straps fall off her arms. I reached up and pulled her gown off her body completely, her body slowly being exposed to my waiting eyes. No wonder I had conceived a child with this woman: she was gorgeous! When I had removed her gown, my hand made its way to one of her breasts. She moaned softly when I rubbed against her nipple, and as I did so she pulled my boxers down and grabbed my dick in one swift motion. She backed against the bed as she slid me inside of her. I may not had remembered making that baby, but I was going to remember this…

What’s It Like

Last night I made a stupid wish on a shooting star (I know, of all things?). I just wanted to know what it was like to be in the pants of the cute girl at the bar that night. However my wish seemed to have been misinterpreted. So, of course, I invited my best friend over to see her-or I guess my, new body:
“So what’s it like having boobs?” he asked me. I knew I should have expected a response like that, but it still caught me a little off-guard.
“I don’t know, what’s it like having a dick?!” I snapped back, covering my mouth after realizing what I had said.
“That’s not fair! You used to have one you already know that!” he said, his eyes unable to move from my perky breasts.
“…No, I don’t…” I said slowly, realizing I couldn’t remember anything about having my male form. “The only thing I remember having down there is my pussy. I can remember my first…” I swallowed hard. “Period… I remember the girl I first had sex with, but I can’t remember doing anything with her. All the memories involving my former male parts are just gone.”
I sat down, and looked solemnly at him. I only remembered this form, my female form. My boobs, my vagina, my ass, my hips, my curves. I can even remember how to put on a bra, something I had never had to do before. But, wait, what am I saying? Of course I had to do it before. I’ve had to do it every day since middle school! My breasts may not be that big, but they came to me pretty early.
And speaking of the girls, my boyfriend’s eyes haven’t left them since I took my clothes off. I think maybe it’s time I let him get a closer view…

Finding Jobs

The three men were hopeless. No one would give them a job. They weren’t dumb or incapable but no one wanted them. Then an employment agency came up with a radical new approach. Sexy women in short skirts and heels are bound to please a male employer. So the three men became three women.
Marcus became Mary (Left).
Gus became Gloria (middle).
Damien became Dawson (right).
The three women soon found jobs as personal assistants in one of the world’s largest banks. The best thing was that the three girls got to stick together. They purely wanted jobs. They believed that becoming women would be a large sacrifice but now their views have changed. They all love being female. Even their sexuality has been altered to suit their new forms. Gloria has already lost her virginity and is renowned for being the office slut. She is rumoured to have fucked at least a dozen men this month. Mary on the other hand is more reserved and due to her new female urges is slowly introducing herself to the dating scene. Dawson on the other hand, as you can see from the ring on her finger, is engaged. Dawson loves her fiancé and will marry him within the next 6 months. Dawson looks forward to a long loving marriage with maybe even children along the way.
The three of them certainly gained more than jobs due to their changes.

My Sister?

“You look beautiful,” John said to his wife as she cradled her pregnant belly. She smiled at him.
“Thanks honey. I don’t always feel like I do, but if you say so,” she said, and he walked forward to put a hand on her belly, smiling back at her. Had she always been taller than him?
“Can you feel your sister kick?” she asked him, his hand still on her belly, which was now at his eye-level.
“What? My sister?” he said shocked. “No, that’s my daughter!”
She laughed. “No silly, she’s your sister! She’s your deadbeat dad’s daughter.” She rolled her eyes, and looked down in disdain at her belly, feeling her swelled and engorged breasts as she did.
“Daddy?” John asked. “When is he coming back?”
“Oh, sweetie, um… I’m not sure, but you know who is coming home soon?” she bent down with some effort to talk to him.
“I am!” John’s step-father said, walking into the room and putting his hand on his wife’s belly. John ran out of the room: he didn’t like seeing Mommy and him kissing. It was too gross.
“Was he asking about his father again?” he asked his wife.
She sighed. “Yes. I don’t want to break his heart, but I know he’s never coming back.”
“And he’s crazy. What kind of guy would knock up a beautiful woman like you…” his voice trailed off as he slipped off the straps of her dress, pulling it down over her round belly. He groped one of her swelled breasts, and she smiled. “And leave behind boobs like these…” She giggled, and he locked the door as she shimmied out of her pants.

Under Mommy’s Skirt

“Gah, Chelsea, what are you doing?!” I shouted as I walked into my room to find my girlfriend lying on our bed, dildo deep in her pussy. She smiled at me before slowly removing it, and putting a skirt on. “Sorry, but you were gone and I needed some…company.”
I shook my head, and said, “Well you shoulda waited. You knew I wouldn’t be gone long.” I looked at my girlfriend, and now that she was standing in front of me something seemed…different. Her face had a few more wrinkles, and her breasts seemed to be sitting lower than usual. As I looked over her, she had been going on about how she knew, but didn’t want to wait. I cut her off, saying, “Something’s…different about you. Have you looked in a mirror lately?” She looked at me confused before turning to the mirror in her room. “Oh my gosh!” she screamed. “I look like a fucking milf! What’s happening?”
“I don’t know!” I replied looking up at the back of her head. Wait, looking up? But I’m almost seven inches taller than her? “Chelsea, when did you get so tall?” She turned around, and stifled a laugh. “Uh, try again: when did you get so small? And just look at your widdle face! I just wanna pinch those cute cheeks!” She bent over, and I got an admittedly good view of her cleavage, but that distraction was only temporary, as she pinched at my cheeks, just as she had said. I shooed her away, and she seemed hurt. “What, does my little boy not love his momma any more? Has he gotten too old?” She pouted at me, but I just looked back confused. Momma? Why would she call herself that?
“I’m not your little boy: I’m your boyfriend! Stop acting so weird!” I shouted at her, watching as her face got further and further from my own.
“I’m not the one acting weird, sweetie, that’s you!” she said sweetly. I groaned.
“Oh come on, just because I’ve gotten a bit smaller doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Remember, you wanted company?” I ran over to her, and lifted her skirt, ready to pleasure her in the way only I knew how when-
SLAP! My hand was batted away from her skirt. “No!” she scolded me. “That’s Mommy’s private area!”
“But-but…” I whimpered. “Where’s Mommy’s peepee?” Tears started to form in my eyes. I didn’t mean to upset Mommy.
“Oh, oh come here,” she said, bending down and pulling me into a big hug. “I get it, you were just curious.” She put her arm around me. “Well, it’s a bit complicated, but mommies don’t have peepees like you and Daddy, they have hoohoos, and they’re a no-no place for little boys like you!”
“Oh, okay. Sorry Mommy,” I said.
“It’s okay, just don’t do it again,” she said sternly. I nodded, and said I wouldn’t before she hugged me again.
“That’s my good boy.”

Envy Skull: In the Office 1

Ryan didn’t know why he put that necklace on. It wasn’t his usual style. He just found it, a chain with a skull pendant on it, lying on the sidewalk, and he decided to try it on. Read more