Will You Resist

It’s the year 2019 and the bimbo outbreak is out of control. Unlike other stories you have heard, these girls do not chase after you like ravishing zombies and try to change you. In fact it’s quite the opposite, those infected do not initiate anything. They don’t talk to you first, don’t touch you first, don’t strip their clothes off, etc. These girls are just normal girls that happen to be blonde bimbos. So why is this an outbreak? Well for some reason guys keep having sex with these ditsy girls. That’s how the virus spreads, during sex the guy is infected with the bimbo virus and he quickly transforms into another hot blonde girl bimbo.

I’ve been able to avoid these girls so far. Yeah I see them in the grocery store, at the mall, in the movie theaters, and at the bar but I never agree to go out with them. This morning I went for my weekly run. When I got home there was a bimbo just standing there in my apartment wearing nothing but a pink tank top and hot pink panties! God she is hot!

Excuse me, what are you doing here?

Ummm, this isn’t where I left my purse.

Do you think you could cover yourself better?

She pulls her shirt down trying to cover her belly but instead causes her boobs to show more. OMG this girl is hot! I’m getting hard just watching her! Just looking at her won’t hurt. I just can’t have sex with her.

Actually you are quite beautiful. Would you mind showing me your boobs?

She pulls off her tank top to reveal an amazing pair of tits. She puts her hands on her panties and looks at me. I nod yes and she pulls her panties down. My heart is racing and my dick is throbbing. I can’t remember the last time I was this hard. Crap, I must stop or else I will become a girl!

Excuse me while I go take a shower. I then leave and wash the sweat from my run off as well as rub one out in the shower. When I get done and dressed I go back into the family room hoping she left but she is still standing where I left her completely nude and smiling at me. She says…

Do you really think I’m beautiful?

Are you kidding me! You are perfect! If you weren’t, you know, infected, I’d ask you if you’d be my girlfriend.

Yes I’ll be your girlfriend!

No no, that’s not what I said.

She starts to turn sad and even cry. I go to her and tip her head up to have her look into my eyes. God she has beautiful eyes!

Fine fine, I’m your boyfriend. Please stop crying. I give her a hug and can feel her breasts pushing against my chest. I got hard again and as she hugged me back my waist met hers and there was no hiding from her I was hard as she felt it pressing against her clit thru my pants.

Would you mind if I admired every inch of your body?

Of course not silly, you are my boyfriend after all.

I led her to my bed and had her lie down. I then took my time looking and touching her. I must’ve gazed at her eyes, nose, lips, chin, ears, and hair for 15 minutes before looking down her goddess like body. I then worked my way down and even started touching her boobs.

Mmmmm that feels good baby. Touch me more. After playing with her boobs for 10 mins I felt an uncontrollable urge to kiss, lick, and suck them. Kissing is ok I guess.

I then kiss down her body towards her pussy. As I get close I can smell her sex. It is intoxicating! She smells so sweet! She is wet already and about ready to drip onto my bed. Without thinking I lick her juices before they drip and continue to eat her pussy.

Oh baby! Your tongue is amazing! I love my boyfriend.

I come to my senses and kiss my way back up her body eventually ending at her lips.

That’s it for now. We did just meet after all. Why don’t you go and we’ll do more the next time we meet.

Awww baby. I want to hang out with my boyfriend.

Fine – I hope you like video games.

Um, whats this button do again?

I set the game console to 1 player and gave her the backup controller. She had no idea she wasn’t even playing. I just smiled as I played game after game.

It’s late, you should go.

Please no! I mean I’m scared of the dark.

She starts crying again.

Fine, you can stay here I guess but I got to warn you I sleep in the nude. She grins ear to ear.

We lay down in bed and this time we are both nude. She’s been naked all day as when we were done earlier she just wanted to be nude. I look over at her laying there next to me admiring her gorgeous body. After a little bit I leaned in to kiss her goodnight but the moment our lips touched my little peck turned into a passionate french kiss. As we embrace sideways my now hard dick is touching her clit. She lifts her leg and then rests it on the other side of mine. I can feel my tip touching her soft wetness of her pussy. As we kiss we are instinctively moving our hips and my tip is rubbing up and down her labia touching her clit on every up movement. And then it happens! My dick slid in her vagina! OMG does it feel gooood!

I shift so I’m on top of her fucking her missionary style. As I fuck her I feel myself changing but it feels too good to stop. Before long I feel my boobs start moving back and forth on my chest and I see my now blonde hair hanging in her face. After another minute my boobs are the same size as hers and they are fully swinging back and forth as I fuck her pussy. I start to moan in a girls voice as I come close to orgasm. When my boobs touch hers I giggle. But it felt good so I did it again. After a few more thrusts I came into her vagina. After I came my dick quickly disappears and a pussy appears.

Ummm like that was so awesome. Hehe. What a cool apartment. Who’s is it?

I dunno girlfriend. What do you say we fool around a bit more and then go to sleep?

In the morning I hear a voice in my head telling me to go wait in the house at such and such address.

Ohhh, those are cute pink panties and tank top. That’s what I’ll wear while I wait!


It was later discovered that there was a queen bimbo who could mentally communicate with all her bimbo’s. I mean who could resist a beautiful hot blonde girl half naked in their home. Right?


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