Wax Katy Perry

Dominik was at a visit at a wax figurine cabinet . He was pretty annoyed, because it was so crowded.
The reason was simple . A few days ago , a Katy Perry wax figure was unveiled and today a visit from the real Katy Perry was planned.
Dominik walked to the wax figure of Katy Perry.
“So much trouble around that stupid cow . Not that she annoying everybody with her music on the radio , she even ruin my day.” Dominik murmured.
At this moment, the eyes of the Katy Perry figure began to glow . A lightning shot out and hit Dominik.
In shock, Dominik jumped back.. Suddenly, it seemed, that the world was frozen.
He noticed, that his clothes were getting bigger. No, his body was getting smaller. He grabbed at his shirt and felt, that two flesh mountains grew on his chest.
He noticed a wobble in his ass. It seemed to grow . ” Oh no, this is not real” he said horrified, when he felt the emptiness between his legs .
Something touched his shoulders. “Oh God, why I have long black hair ? ” he ripe with a higher voice.. His face began to itch. He felt the bones of his face change.
Finally, his pants and his shirt turned into a dark dress and a black pantyhose .

Suddenly, the world was thawed again. ” Ahh look, there’s Katy Perry “a young girl screamed.
Dominik was still confused . Then he saw a crowd of people running towards him.
“Hi Katy , please tell us about your wax figure. ” said a reporter and gave her a microphone.
“Ahhh , I am honored to be here … Ahhhh… I do not know what to say …” stammered the new Katy.

“Please Katy, go next to figure. ” screamed the reporter and began to make photos of Katy .
Dominik , now Katy Perry was still confused . He was Katy Perry. “How could this happened?” he thought.
He had no idea. But he began to like his new body.
“We look sexy, right?” said the new Katy with a smile. “We are California Girls. And California Girls are the best”


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