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Candy 4

The next day, the man had left. “What a night that was” my friend said, “I don’t think I want to ever be a man again”. I smiled, I did enjoy my time as a woman too. But I wanted to try to be a man one last time. So I stood up, and walked towards my purse. “Last blue candy” I said; well last candy I had here, but the rest are at my place. Read more

Light-Headed Beer (TG Bar)

Michael walked into the TG Bar. He knew that the drinks there would result in transforming into the opposite gender but it didn’t stop him. After all, that’s why he came. He sat up at the bar and ordered a light-headed beer. He had a feeling this would make him a bimbo. He ordered the drink from a big-chested blonde waitress in a bikini who gave him one of the happiest smiles he had seen. When the beer came he examined it for a little and then lifted the glass towards his lips. As the liquid trickled into his mouth, he could feel his body change. He grew breasts. His face became pretty and girly. His hair became long, his skin smooth. He became short and his bottom plumped. Soon his genitalia retracted to form a moist slit. Michael was a female. She ran to the bathroom. The female bathroom of course, and examined her form. She was amazed and in awe.
“I’m Michelle now,” she stated.
Soon the woman in the white bikini walked in and gave her some clothes. Michelle thought the clothes were insanely slutty at first but then once she had them on she liked them. She loved showing off her rear in the minuscule pink too-too and colourful bra was so pretty. The pink glittery bow in her hair proudly defined her femininity and the lolly pop was like her, very sweet. She found it somewhat hard to think. All she could think of was men. She imagined taking a cock in her vagina. How good it would feel, she thought. It’s fair to say Michelle would soon get a lot of cock.

The Cute One

It’s been almost 2 years since Dan started going out with Charlotte and yet he has not developed much of a relationship with her daughter, Molly. It is not for lack of trying, but practically every day since she had turned 18 (only 2 months after they met) Molly had been on the road with her band. She leads an all girl pop-punk band and despite his initial misgivings Dan has to admit that they are actually pretty good. He’s done his best to connect with Molly over their shared love of music but she had consistently rebuffed him
“I just don’t see how an old man is gonna help our group” she’d say Read more

Pranked (series 2)

I know I have a sister. I remember always having a sister, but somehow, I remember I used to have an older brother named James too. I remember the day everything changed perfectly, I was about to enter James bedroom, when I found my sister Kim naked touching herself. “Close the door stupid” she said. I was surprised to see my sister there, in my brother’s bedroom. I was even more surprised no one else seemed to bother. When I asked my parents about my brother James, they said I never had a brother. Read more

An old friend (Pranked 15)

When an old friend came back to town looking for me. Well the old me, I knew I had to make him join the flock. He knocked at my door. When I openned the door, he took a couple of steps back, and looked at my house again. I bet he thought he had the wrong address. He then said “Hi, is John home?”, he didn’t recognize me, and how could he? A few months ago I wasn’t a hot bimbo. “No, but he said he would come back soon. Hi I am Amber” I told him. “Hi, Mike. Do you mind if I wait for him here?” he said, to which I just replied, “nope, not at all”. I invited him in, and asked him to wait in the living room. Read more

Well…Not Immediatly

“You thought you were going to turn me into the woman and I’d, what, have sex with you immediately!” I screamed at him. He looked at me sheepishly, his voice no more than a whisper, “yeah”. “Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I continued screaming. “I can’t believe this. How do you even do something like this?” I was still angry but calming down a bit. He told me it was magic scroll. I stormed out of the room and went to my own room and slammed the door behind me. Read more

Will You Resist

It’s the year 2019 and the bimbo outbreak is out of control. Unlike other stories you have heard, these girls do not chase after you like ravishing zombies and try to change you. In fact it’s quite the opposite, those infected do not initiate anything. They don’t talk to you first, don’t touch you first, don’t strip their clothes off, etc. These girls are just normal girls that happen to be blonde bimbos. So why is this an outbreak? Well for some reason guys keep having sex with these ditsy girls. That’s how the virus spreads, during sex the guy is infected with the bimbo virus and he quickly transforms into another hot blonde girl bimbo. Read more

Pink spot

“I’ll be in the next room making a call, but just wait here for a few minutes, i’ll be right back” my friend James said. I sat on the brown couch. I could hear James talking to someone on the phone. I looked up and saw a small pink dot on the ceiling. It looked like a piece of gum was stuck there. It then started dripping. “It looks like paint” I said. I was looking at the drops falling and the stain it was leaving on the rug, when I noticed the “paint” had a flower odor. “It smells like women’s perfume” I said outloud. I stood up and decided to touch one of the drops, It was kind of gooey. I then took a closer look. The smell was even more intense. I noticed the goo on my finger was spreading. I tried to clean my fingers with my own shirt, but I couldn’t. By now, the goo had spread all over my hand. I was about to run to the bathroom, when I felt pain on my hand. I just sat back on the couch, trying to scream, but a goo drop had fallen on my head and had spread through my face too. Read more