I Like It , I Like It A Lot!!!!

My wife has always been bi sexual and I really don’t mind. We have had some really sweet 3 ways before. But she really loves me and I love her too.

She came home one day with a package. I asked what it was . She said that she would like to have some lesbian sex with me. I said “How? ” she said ” With these!!”

She had a pill bottle with some pinkish colored pills in them. She had bought them from someone she knew that said it could change any man into a woman for 12 hours. I said ” Ok,” Not really thinking they would work. So while she was getting me a glass of water , I put a pair of her stockings and garter belt on so when the pills didn’t work I could still have some kinky sex.

I swallowed the pills she gave me and nothing happened at first. I’m standing there with her hose and garter belt on with a raging hard on when it started. First I felt as if I was shrinking and my hair was getting longer . My waist was shrinking and my butt was changing shape. I felt very different ! I’m still there with my hard on and my chest started swelling ! I was getting the most awesome tits you have ever seen. My wife was standing here in amazement and I think she was really getting turned on by this!!!

Just as she goes to grab my penis , I starts sucking up into my body along with my balls! At the time that my pussy forms , I have the most intense orgasm I have ever had!!

As I’m laying on the bed recovering from this, my wife crawls up and starts licking my new pussy and said” Hold on honey! I’m gonna rock your world!”


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