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Morning After

I’m standing here in the shower on Saturday morning trying to wash the filth off me and trying to figure out how I screwed up so badly. It all started a week ago Friday night when my girlfriend of 2 years, Sarah, and I had her best friend Elisha over for dinner, drinks, and games. We were having a good time until that game of spin the bottle which was Sarah’s idea btw. It all started innocently enough or so I thought when she took my empty beer bottle and spun it. When it landed on Elisha she dared her to take off her shirt. To my surprise she did! That’s how the game started and since it seemed Elisha was willing to play with just the 3 of us I was totally down as well. Little did I know it then that this was the beginning of my end. Read more

Mirrored Reality (part 2)

Since that faithfull day when I got trapped inside a mirror, my life had changed for the better. I was no longer a man, but I did enjoy being Emily. I refrained to look at myself in the mirror for days. I was afraid I would get trapped again. One day, I caught a glimpse of myself, “Wow, I am really hot” I thought, “I love being a woman”. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror. But thankfully, nothing happened. Later that day, I went out on a date with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he invited me to his place. Read more

Too Good to be True

Me and my friends were out clubbing when we saw a girls gone wild van pull up outside. I saw the producer enter the club and went to buy him a drink. Read more

Left Behind

Needing to use up my vacation days I booked a trip alone to an ocean resort. I didn’t want to go alone but being single and my siblings all have families and all my friends were being lame or didn’t have vaca time to use left me with little choice. I decided that since I was going alone the resort was the best choice as I could get pampered and lay on the beach and get sun while checking out the girls. Read more

Still Have Power

Being the CEO of a business I started after college changed me. I wielded an immense amount of power. All my employees looked up to me and at the same time were afraid to screw up, after all I had been known to fire someone on the spot for this. I thought I was invincible which is why I went home with that woman I met at the grocery store. She got me to go down to her basement and somehow overpowered me. She tied me up to a bed, cut my clothes off, and then bit me on my inner thigh! Read more

Cheating and Stealing

When my girlfriend caught me cheating on her I thought we’d be finished. I didn’t really care because she wasn’t any fun in bed. Like any breakup she wanted to know why and I told her the truth. Babe, our sex is like a 3 out of 10, you need to embrace the way your body feels and have fun with it. She started crying and begged me to give her another chance. Little did I know she was buying time to get her revenge. Read more


I have a trip up to the lake house this weekend. I grabbed my suitcase to pack. I unzipped it and inside were a white lacy bra, some pink shorts, and a medallion. I picked up the bra and recognized it as my ex’s bra. I then grabbed the shorts. Why would she leave these here? I then grabbed the medallion. I put all 3 items in my left hand. The moment the medallion touched the clothing and my skin at the same time I transformed. In a matter of seconds I had breasts. I looked in the mirror and my ex was looking back at me. I had transformed into my ex! At that moment I realized how much I missed her. I put on her clothes to remind me of her even more. Read more

Home Early

It’s finally Tuesday! Tonight is the one night when I get home from work and have a few hours of alone time before my roommate Dan gets home. I’ve been looking forward to catching up on my otgc. Read more

Femjuice – Victim

My name is Melissa. Believe it or not I used to be a guy. Not just any guy but a real stud, I never had problems picking up girls at bars and fucking them. Let me tell you how I got to where I am now. Read more