A pregnant father

I never thought in my life that I would give birth to a baby, I was a 45-year-old married man and I had a 16-year-old teenage son who respected me but now I’m just a silly pregnant teen girl now I’m the same age as my son, my son does not respect me anymore and always makes me stupid questions ..
Questions about how it feels to have boobs and have a pussy instead of a penis …. it’s all Fose’s fault, Richard thought as he touched her belly

Richard a few months ago while he was returning from the beach with his family, he was very horny saw many beautiful girls in bikinis and a sexy teen girl that he could not get out of his mind and his sexy young body that’s why he decided to have sex With his wife Amy … meanwhile Fose happened in the world and Richard ended up in the body of that sexy teen girl
What Richard did not know was that the girl was pregnant with the boyfriend of his school ….

Bad luck for Richard, his son does not respect him anymore now,
His wife forgives him but he sees him with shame
And worst of all, the girl’s boyfriend was a teenage jock and said she does not care that he was a middle-aged father,
He said that he is not going to lose his girlfriend, that’s why he demands that Richard behave like his girlfriend and that consists of kissing him and having sex with him.
While Richard only cries for the loss of his penis and the new life he has


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