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Don’t Fight it

The last thing I remembered was the crash I was driving fast trying to get out of town after it had become overrun with the bimbo virus. I had just watched my best-friends turn right before my eyes, I was alone and scared and emotional I took the first car I could find and left town as fast as I could until I hit the pothole. The car flipped into the air and came to rest in front of an old college as I blacked out I saw a group of women running over having just seen the crash.   Read more

Finding Joy

I woke up to the sound of moans coming from the other room, when I entered I was shocked to find two women in the middle of passionate lesbian sex. This wouldn’t be unusual except this was the room belonging to my very male best friend, and we where in the middle of hiding from the Bimbo virus. Read more

Bimbo virus outbreak

James, or rather Jamie, could feel the bimbo virus coursing through her as she lapped up every drop from the bimbo that had once been her girlfriend Stephanie. The bimbo virus had been going on for several weeks, and they had holed up in James apartment to wait it out. Unfortunately the outbreak had outlasted their supplies and they had agreed to go on scavenging runs to get more stuff to hold out. Read more

‘Atta Girl

My breath came out in little high-pitched gasps and moans as the thick, hard shaft plowed into an opening I didn’t have just a few minutes ago. I looked down in disbelief at the changes the Bimbo Virus had wrought upon my body. Between the large bouncing swells of my new tits I watched helplessly as what was left of my own dick disappeared between the smooth, shapely thighs I now owned. Read more

Bimbo Apocalypse – Chapter 3: Escape

November 18, 2015
Lara was looking for men. She had already fucked everyone in her old house since the beginning of her existence two weeks ago and spent the remaining time finding the exit. Now as the first Bimbo to escape what would later be known as the House of Cum she could fuck the most! Lara heard something. “How are you doin’ Bro?” “Not so well. Since Cindy left me my whole life is basically crap.” “I know what you need Bro!” “And that would be?” “A prostitute!” “I guess you’re right. But where do I find a woman who would fuck me?” Lara overheard those words. As she was the first bimbo to be infected by the ancient one she was also the one with the highest intellect. A new bimbo would always be 1.5 times as dumb as the bimbo who infected her. So Lara was supreme. She went to the two men. “Look at that. A cum-covered bitch. How much do you take for your ‘services’?” The less depressed one asked her. “Take me!” Lara screamed at the man who jumped to the side. “Dude she is covered in cum. I won’t fuck her.” “Oh you’ll do. Just look at her. She wants it.” “She has cum on her breasts and face!” “And those breasts are big aren’t they?” “They kinda are.” “Ok. Let’s take her to your place put her under the shower and give her clothes. Then we’ll see what happens.” “Deal.” Lara could just rape the two of them. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to survive much longer without food. Food. A genetic flaw. Lara was supreme but instead of just cum like the Ancient One and the other bimbos she needed food and cum. She thought that that flaw might be the result of her high intellect. So she went with the two men and planned her next steps.

The president

“Hello citizens of U.S.A.” said the blond woman that suddenly apeared in every T.V. channel.
“you might not recognize me but I am your president. I voluntary got the TG virus. You probably wandering why I did so. The reason is, I was the one who decided to spread it world wide. It was the U.N. decission, the humanity last resort. After the virus will cover the whole world there will be no more genders, no more races and no more wars.
Women also can get infected by the virus. After they will, their body will be immuned to most diseases we know. Also you don’t have to worry about breeding. With today technology it is piece of cake to breed even with world full of women.
As you probably noticed the virus is very contagious but you the don’t wait till someone will infect you.
If you think just like me that the virus will bring bright future to the humanity you may get it voluntarity just like me.
The goverment is now opening TG Centers around the nation so you can join us.
release the woman inside you. Give to the feminine side. Help us save the world”.

Double blow job

Last night I picked up these two hot chicks at the bar and took them home with me. I had the best sex of my life that night but when I woke up I realized I was also now a woman. I started to freak out when they told me they had the TG virus and gave it to me. The girls told me that I would spend the rest of my life with these new tits and hungry pussy. Tears started to well up in my eyes when the girls giggled telling me to relax and enjoy my new sexuality. They pushed me back on the bed and began to suckle on my new tits. WOW! Having both of your tits sucked on is like getting two blow jobs at the same time. I could feel my new cunt heating up and quivering with desire, aching for attention. I can’t hold out any more! The fire in my cunt is too much!! I need to have my pussy touched, licked, fondled, or fucked any way I can and I need it NOW!!! Maybe someday they might find a cure for the virus, but I don’t want it, not after I’ve see how good this really feels. Read more

I don’t leave a friend

Stan is such a good friend. Most people would have left me behind after that bimbo jumped on me and infected me with the bimbo virus. But he didn’t. He pushed her away and pulled me into his car. I guess he hoped, that the doctors could probably heal me before the transformation kicks in.
But when we arrived at the place, we could just hear moans and screams coming out of it. The bimbos must have overrun the place. I asked Stan to leave me, to save himself. I knew it was to late. I could already feel a heat building inside of me. Soon my body will start to change.
But Stan still wanted to save me. “Probably, there is still someone here who can help you” he said. I tried to run away, but Stan hold me with his strong arms. I realized that my strength was already fading away and so it was no problem for Stan to get me into the building.
We wandered from corridor to corridor looking for anyone who isn’t infected or fucking his own brain out. I could feal my body reshaping. My bodyhair falling out. Breasts forming on my chest. “Stan, It’s to late. You should go”, I said. But he still didn’t want listen to me. So we continued our search and my body continued it’s transformation. My hair grew, my face got feminized and then the last and important physical change kicked in. My penis began to shrink. I stopped. I begged Stan to leave. Soon I would get a pussy and the desires of a bimbo. “I can still save you.”, he said.
I screamed. “No! You can’t!” In my anger I tored my clothes off. “Look at me! I’am almost one of them. Leave before …” I gasped. My dick was gone and hormones started to fill my body. My mind became foggy, my pussy wet. But I was sure I could hold myself back for a little bit. Enough time for Stan to flee.
But instead he grapped me, pulled me in one of the empty patience rooms. He throwed me on the bed, took his cloth off and started to stroke his dick.
“I don’t leave a friend. I will never do.”, he said and rammed his hard member inside of me. Read more