Learning responsibility through motherhood

It was sure a long journey to reach the point in life I’m in right now. To think that this cute little girl used to be my girlfriend and I was her boyfriend not her mother.

It all started when me and my girlfriend Rachel went to a party. The party was going nicely but after some time it was getting out of control so me and my girlfriend decided to leave earlier to avoid trouble with the cops. I accompanied her all the way to her house where I gived her a kiss for good night. Rachel insisted I should come in for some sexy time. Her parents were away and the only person left was her grandmother. Rachel assured me that her grandma is a hard sleeper and even a bomb wouldn’t be able to wake her up. I belived her so we went to her bedroom and had sex. We tried to keep it quiet but the soft moans somehow awakened Rachel’s grandma.

This was so embarrassing. Granny came in as I was on top of her granddaughter panting loudly. Granny went crazy back then. She started yeeling at us about resposibilities and that sex is not just some play thing for teenagers like us. It wouldn’t be so bad if not the fact that Rachel’s grandma was a witch, of course I didn’t know it at that moment. Pointing her finger at me she said some weird words and I suddenly changed into a woman. While I was too shocked to do anything Rachel stood in my defense demanding to change me back into a guy. Granny however didn’t listen to her demands and turned her into a ball of light. Then she guided the strange ball right directly into my stomach. I was so scared and confused back then. My girlfriend dissapeared, I was turned into a woman and the old lady just left the room like nothing happened. Then the surroundings changed and I found myself in an unfamiliar room, all by myself.

As I found out later I wasn’t alone. There was a baby growing in my womb and as I assumed It had to be my girlfirend turned into my unborn child. Knowing I don’t have any choice I continued to live in this new, strange reality where I was a woman and soon to be a mother. I took good care of my body and of my girlfiriend growing inside me. The pregnancy was going well and with my belly growing I was looking forward to finally meet my child. Sure It wasn’t easy but I’ve managed to go through the whole nine months until the day my labor started. Back then I found out how much a woman has to struggle to give birth. I thought I wouldn’t make it but then after my last push I heard a baby cry. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I was so happy back then. I named her Rachel, it was the first name that came into my mind. As I looked at my sweet baby girl I knew that she was worth going throught it all.

It’s been six years since then. Rachel is growing up fast and she’s the most adorable and sweet littlie girl. She has no memories of her previous life but I think it’s for the better. I can’t imagine the trauma she would have, remembering all those things that happened. We are happy together and I’m so glad to a mom, especially having such a smart and loving daughter.


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