Double spell

When I got Audrey’s picture I realized the spell had worked. Just 10 minutes ago, me and my friend Andrew had casted a spell we bought online. It was supposed to have the caster possess the body of any person in the world. “Ok, if it works, you must send me some evidence” I told Andrew. He casted the spell, and I saw him fade away.

The next ten minutes felt like an eternity. “What if it doesn’t work? what if Andrew has died? or what if it is like he doesn’t exist anymore” lots of questions kept popping into my mind. But when I got Audrey’s picture I felt relieved. She looked as hot as ever, and the outfit she was wearing gave me a bonner. “So how do you feel?” I asked her. “Incredible, this body is great. So flexible so sexy. And I can feel she wants sex” she wrote back. “Ok, say no more, I am on my way” I wrote.

“No wait” she said. “I am in her body, and although I know I am Andrew, I have her likes and her feelings. And to tell you the truth, she is not attracted to you. Plus, she already has a boyfriend” I was shocked when she wrote that. “So… what are you saying? You don’t want to see me anymore?” I asked her. “Not exactly. I think you should use the same spell to possess Tom, her boyfriend. Just thinking about him makes me a little wet” she said.

I didn’t even hesitated, I casted the spell, and few seconds later I was inside Tom’s body. I felt strong, which was no surprise he exercised a lot. That night, I had sex with Audrey. I knew it was really Andrew inside of her, but she knew exactly how to turn me on. “This has been sublime” she said after sex. “I know Andrew” I told her. “No no, don’t ever call me that, he is gone, I am Audrey, and you are Tom”. She was right, I never looked back, I became Tom with ease, I had his personality, and his skills.

We made a pact, we were to stay together for the rest of our lifes, but when we reached 80, we would use the spells again, to become younger again. But that time, I would be the woman, and she the man.


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