Martin was really mad that he gave into temptation of using magic. He was mad that he ended up in this place full of sinners but mostly he was mad at himself that he is really starting to enjoy it. Not so long ago Martin was a very religious person. He was going to chruch every day, praising the lord and his will. Martin was on a good way to become a priest in the future but that changed with the cursed book he found in the library. Martin knew that everything involving magic is a sin but he took the book to study it closer. While reading it he stumbled upon a gender changing spell. Martin still doesn’t know what got into him but he read the spell outloud. A gust of wind ran through his room and suddenly Martin turned into a woman.

Martin was terrified of this transformation. He spend hours praying and asking for forgivness, hoping that the power of fate will change him back into a man. But that didn’t happen. Instead there was this voice in his head, calling him his name and tempting him to go out and have some fun. Martin didn’t want to listen to it at first but then out of a sudden he gave in. Dressing up in skinny jeans and a top that was showing a nice ammount of cleavage Martin headed to a club.

When he entered the club he was disgusted of what he was seeing. The place was full of sin and sexual desires. Martin wanted to leave but instead the voice in his head guided him towards the bar where he got two shots of vodka. As the alcohol spread across his body he felt less tense and hopped on the dance floor. Martin was like in trance, hypnotised by the music. He was moving his body in a very sexual way, tempting the men all around him. He lost himself for a moment and when a gut asked him to go somewhere more private Martin didn’t hestiate.

He ended up in the bathroom stall on his knees but he was definitely not praying. He unziped the guys pants and put his dick into his mouth. As he sucked the man’s junk he wasn’t thinking about anything besides how great it felt to have a huge cock in his mouth. When the man finished Martin swallowed the cum without any objections and left the bathroom a few minutes later. It was then he begin to realize what has he done. Martin hated himself for it but on the other hand he still could feel some kind of satisfaction. There was a battle in his mind between the religious Martin and the wild woman he was slowly becoming. Eventually the wild personality turned out to be stronger leaving his dreams of becoming a priest behind him. He was a new person now and he was craving to sin some more.


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