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Missing it

“Oh God, It’s happening! It’s finally happening”, Sven thought the moment he feeled cum splashing against his inner walls. The stranger didn’t warn him, so she could have hop off. No he came inside which means Sven will be Sophie for life, forever.Deep inside he always knew it would happen one day. He has risked it so many times, that it was a miracle it didn’t happened earlier. So even though Sven was always afraid of this happening, she took the change quite well. Sold his old self’s clothes, got a new job and moved into a new apartment. And of course she still enjoyed a good pounding every weekend like before.But still one thing Sophie was missing from his old life. And it wasn’t his family and friends or something like that. It was the thrill itself; the thrill he was feeling every time he was under the spell, getting pounded, risking his manhood. And also the relief when he didn’t was quite enjoyable.But these times were over now. They would never come back. Sophie had to live with that and knew she had to find new kinks. But before she would do that she shared her story on the internet, published the spell online, trying to reach other like Sven – Others who can still enjoy playing this game – and encourage them to risk it.

The Eternal Maid

The illustrious Whitehorse family has been becoming rich and powerful ever since they discovered oil fields out in Mexico. The Whitehorse family become one of the wealthiest families in the world almost going to war against several other illustrious families such as the Bradley’s who been the wealthiest family to date up until the Whitehorses become rich of its oil trade and sex slavery trade. Jack leader of the Bradley family another illustrious family who become rich due to military conquest of poor regions to exploit there population and resources to there own advantage, they basically battled between the growing Whitehorse family in secret. When the Whitehorse took control of the US government in a coup they arrested Jack then deported him to one of there clinical facility in the Midwest where they would transform into a female sex slave. Jack family assets worse Siezed and he and his family was sentenced to sex slavery. Jack was soon thrown into a cryogenic container to hold him in while they transfer him to the facility. Once Jack arrived the Whitehorse’s decided to turn him into a French maid to work at there private estate. Jack was then placed in a gas chamber where he was exposed to agent estrogen a chemical used to physical alter a persons gender. During this process Jack was in pain as he body formed breasts, while his penis and balls erupt mass liters of jizz as it is sucked back into his body. Then his hair grew extensively, his face became completely femine, his hips widen, his lips filled up, his body shrunken, his waist finned, his body hair disappeared, and his skin become silky smooth. As his body transformation was complete he was then placed in front of a mirror he look exactly like a French women. Then she was placed in a chaired were she was restrained and then a helmet was placed on her head and her mind was altered, she was given false memories of being born as Elise a French women who decided to work forever as an obedient slave and servant to the whitehorse family for being rescued from the ghettos of Paris. Then she was given an injection of an experimental drug which made immune to aging and eternally young. Soon she was carried into the maid dressing room at the estate where she saw her maid out layed out for her in the room. Naturally Elise placed on the outfit and went to work cleaning the house and providing sexual services to the members of the Whitehorse family. Kyle then ordered Elise to enter his chambers where he placed a collar on her neck which has the ability to see what’s she sees, hears, and think while also being able to alter her body and mind, and could repair her if wounded because the body she was given has a factory setting which could be repaired and reprogrammed. Kyle ordered Elise to give him a BJ and allow him to fuck her for several hours. She sold started to get on her knees feeling pleasure as her pussy gets wet and her nylons and sexy clothing presses against her body. She immediately gets start sucking off Kyle then cradles his balls then teabags them. She then swallows her masters load feeling absolute pleasure and enjoyment of the taste of her masters load. Then she lays flat on her belly and is then ordered to shut up which her body because of the program placed on her body and mind then the Kyle sticks his cock into her then strokes it constantly in her new fuckable ass then after he cums he grabs her places her on her back and then fucks her vagina until her organism several times in her Pussy. She then gets on her knees again to allow her master to cum all over her face. Kyle is a middle age man and his family made several discoveries such as being able to remain fit, have unlimited organisms, and remain young. So Kyle was able to cum over 100 something times in Elise before he got bored and decided to focus his attention else where. Elise then cleaned all the cum on her face and the digested it since jizz is the only meal sex slaves are fed since there body’s are immortal and they don’t need to eat. Elise continues to serve the Whitehorse family eternally in the body of a French maid without even remembering she used to be this leader of an illustrious family herself

The Wizards

Many wizards specializes in one area of magic, but Eric among all had perhaps most eccentric one. It was a polymorph spell dedicated to turn the subject into obedient maidens. His peers looked down on him for treating such lewd spells, but Eric had a plan in his mind.He requested the master wizard for a meeting and the master agreed to do so. While he was unsuspecting, Eric cast the polymorph onto the master, who was now a naked girl begging for Eric’s love. The master only let Eric do so because he knew polymorph cannot last long. But he was wrong in that that rule can be reversed should the subject perform certain goal he shouldn’t do during the transformation time. And that was losing female virginity.The heat was coming from the belly. The master had to find a way to subdue the heat, and that answer hid in Eric’s pants. The master reluctantly asked to take his virginity while the spell takes off. When Eric got naked, the master approached him and placed Eric’s sick inside new wet vagina.Not expecting what was coming for him, the master wizard was stuck as she was. Obedient and beautiful maiden willing to serve him for all eternity to come.

Father and Son Go A Little Bitchy!

“Son, hurry… ah… up! Your mother will be here shortly! Msag’ro uo ynehw mrofs’nartl luoy!” it came from the blonde to the right of the sofa as she recited the magic spell that would allow her to transform on orgasm.Only it sounded like the voice of a middle-aged man.”Dad, I’m on… ah… it!” the brunette to the left said in the tune of a teenage boy, only to be interrupted by the opening front door.”Guys, I’m home!” the voice of the woman of the house was heard as she was crossing the few steps to the living room.”Oh crap!” the son said. That was when the blonde came. “Ah!”. Next there was a small*POOF!*to her left and the blonde that was actually her transformed father was gone, only to be replaced by…