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Rookie Mistake

“That can’t seriously be Matt can it?”
“Yep, he ran into Jessica last night at the bar”
“Your ex-girlfriend the witch?”
“He might have called her a slut”
“Ah, well that explains it”
Jessica wasn’t in the mood for dealing with Matt’s shit last night. It might have been a bit harsh to turn him into a curvy blonde slut but at least he’d learn a lesson. He’d wake up back in control of his body in the morning, although he’d remember everything from last night. Even the hour he’d spent with the college quarterback.
Over the next few weeks Maddy struggled to adapt to her new curvaceous figure, especially her huge new ass. It wouldn’t get any easier either because Maddy’s one night without control of herself had resulted in her getting pregnant. One thing was for sure, he’d made a rookie mistake that night at the bar.

One night

“I know the deal was to one night of experimenting” Andrew told himself as he woke up early in the morning. Placing his left hand over his head, “but it felt so good, so right” he whispered. His girlfriend Emily had turned him into a girl last night, “to have a night that will be hard to forget” Emily had said. Read more


I couldn’t believe Emily was almost naked. And best of all standing right infront of me asking for sex. It was hard to believe just two hours ago she was my best friend Tom. Her first reaction was denial, she even kicked me in the nuts and ran away. Read more

What is it with the weird questions?

I seriously don’t understand. Everyone acts all weird around me. They keep asking me weird questions like “Do you remember anything?”, “did it hurt?”, or things like “do you like guys now?”, “how does it feel?”. I don’t know what they are talking about. I’ve always liked guys. Sometimes I feel like my friends treat me like one of the guys. Which is weird, especially for a girl like me. Read more

Somewhere between pleasure and guilt #2

Stephen knew that if he’d end up cumming in James’ pussy, the change would be permanent.
He didn’t know if he wanted that, well he did want it… But the feeling of guilt was terrible! His friend would permanentely cease to exist!
He promised himself that after the blowjob he just had, nothing more would happen and after a few weeks he would turn James back.
But what Stephen didn’t know was that magic could be very treacherous. Powerful spells (like this one) could start leading their own life. The spell made it so that Stephen suddenly got overwelmed with an even bigger urge to fuck his friend/”wife”. At first his conscience could keep him at bay, but all of his common sense quickly vaporized in an uncontrollable urge to impregnate his new wife.
James (or what was left of him) didn’t mind. Becoming a bigger bimbo with every trust of Stephen’s big cock. “I’ll pull out before I cum.” Stephen thought to himself, justifying his current actions.
(Will be continued…)

I Just Wanted A Peek

It was the Summer where I lived and that meant getting to catch a peek on my hot neighbour Jenna suntanning outside all Summer long. I had been doing so for a few years now since she got her huge rack. Now we were both about 18 and I was very horny. I snuck up on the fence dividing our properties and put my eyes through the crack in the fencing to catch a peek. There she was, lying ass up on a brightly coloured towel near the family pool. Her hot body glistened in the July sun. Read more

Witch sister

Being born a witch I always used my powers for my own goals. I especially loved to tease my older brother with it. One day I decided to change him a bit so I used my spell and transformed him into a girl. But the best part is that I also altered the reality a bit so now everyone besides us thinks that he was born a girl. Of course he was mad at me and demanded to change him back. Read more

Misplaced trust

Kate (40) and her daughter Gabby (20) had swapped bodies using a spell they bought online. They never had a good relation. It was Kate’s idea, she told her daughter that it would be the perfect way to finally build up some trust between them. Gabby was hesitant at first, but since it would only be a week and they wouldn’t tell anyone, she made up her mind. They started on monday, Gabby’s mom was very excited after the swap. She would go to school again and Gabby in her mom’s body would go to work. Read more

A few lessons

Tabby and Mark’s relationship was great except for one thing. Tabby was awful at fellatio. Mark tried time and again to guide her, but she just didn’t get it. Mark missed getting good head, but it was because Tabby got so upset that she couldn’t please her man that drove Mark to take desperate action. Read more