Staying Out of Trouble

It was all part of the deal my parents had made with me. “Stay out of trouble while we’re away at our conference for the week” they’d told me. Thing was, last time they’d left, I’d thrown a gigantic party—-not that they knew about it, of course, but the liquor cabinet had been quite depleted. And I had no intention of changing things up; grinning, I headed downstairs to take stock.

As soon as I touched the door of the cabinet, though, my head felt this weird buzzing. Confused, I stepped back and felt some….thing wash through me. “What the hell……” I asked, suddenly bemused by the fact that my voice was far higher—-and squeakier—-than before. Then I blacked out.

When I woke up I was stunned to find myself a chick, wrapped in a tight pink dress and standing in the living room. My attention was drawn to a note on the table.

“Aidan—-if you are reading this, you went into the liquor cabinet, so I guess I should be calling you Ashley. We know all about your partying, so we called a friend of ours to ensure you would learn your lesson. Your date is picking you up at nine—-he’s a nice young man. Have fun!”


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