Todd didn’t know what he’d expected, but it wasn’t….this.

He’d been a bit of a rough guy, getting into bar fights and just generally acting rowdy, and as a result he’d had to spend more than a few nights in tbe drunk tank. His dad had died years ago, but his mom was willing to let him crash….until he got into another brawl. When he’d been released she’d warned him that things were going to change, but he’d just laughed it off before going to bed. Now though….

Todd had thought it was a dream when he’d woke up like this. Then he’d fallen out of bed. Not a dream, he learned…..and an high pitched scream filled the air.

Todd’s smiling mother walked in. “You better get ready, dear. It’s a big day” she said, nodding towards the white dress hanging on the wall. Todd, even it was even humanly possible, freaked even more.

“Why did you do this? How did you do this?” Glancing down at his new…breasts, Todd crossed his arms in an unsuccessful attempt to block them from view. “This is insane!”

“No dearie. You were just too rowdy. You were going to get sent to jail for a long time sooner rather than later. As for how I did this, well, certain magical….spells, I suppose you’d call them, have been passed down in our family for a long time. No one remembers Todd Riordan—-just a girl named Holly Riordan. Now Holly, you best start to get ready. Tim is a very nice man, and I expect you two to start working on grandchildren for me as soon as you get some….alone time.”

Holly could only gape in horror at her mother.


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