Over confidence backfire at Merlin Academy

Ian thought himself so clever, and not just because he was a student at Merlin Academy. He’d found a magic spell to turn himself invisible, and his plan was to use it to sneak into the communal shower at the Delta Phi sorority house. He’d planned to just sneak in to peak, but the ease with which he got in made him more confident. The sight of all those beautiful women showering was too much for him, and so he started to masturbate while he stood there, invisible and watching them.

To his credit, he managed to keep quiet while doing so. Unfortunately for him though, as soon as his ejaculate left his body, it became visible again. That, and it landed on the legs of one of the girls he was watching closely.

After the sorority girls caught and punished him, Ian can’t stop masturbating, but that’s a bit different now that he’s s big titted woman. Ian wished he could get up and leave, find some countercurse, but his new body just felt too good to stop.

He was so wrapped up in his masturbation, he could barely even emote properly anymore. This is Ian’s look of horror as the girl’s brought in some guys from the fraternity next door, asking them to carry Ian out of the shower and saying they didn’t care where they took Ian after that…


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