Keeping the wife happy

My girlfriend was always big on female empowerment, so when she asked me to include a section in my marriage vows about how I pledged to always support her in any way, I didn’t bat an eye.

Turns out though, those vows were more than mere words, because it turns out my now wife was a witch.

She revealed it to me on our honeymoon, swearing me to secrecy as she made my cock huge and we had the best sex of our lives.

After that our lives were pretty much normal, she didn’t use her powers too much.

That is until one day seven months after we got married when she came home from work, super stressed out. She’d been coming home from work stressed for weeks, apparently working on some killer project that had everyone on edge. I’d been trying to help her relax, but nothing seemed to work. On this day though, I asked her if she could think of anything else to try and help her relax.

“Well, one thing…” She admitted and blushed.

Turns out during college she’d sometimes get super stressed out like this too. That had been a more experimental time for her with her powers and her sexuality, and one thing she’d learned was that it was relaxing to be a guy and fuck a girl.

I swallowed hard, knowing I was bound to support her in anyway. That’s how she ended up turning herself into a guy and me into a girl. I let her take me from behind, and it only took a minute before I realized not only was this situation not bad, it was actually very very good!

Now I often find myself hoping my wife comes home stressed out!


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