Sorority Revenge 9/10

I didn’t want to tell Rose, but I was loving being a guy. Something about it just clicked for me, and wow do I love fucking women. Sure, sex as a woman was great, but I am loving the feeling of dominating these men turned women. I called up Bella to see about making this spell permanent, and she agreed- but to do that I had to finish one of our last tasks-revenge on the President of FAP Fraternity-Jonathon. He was the one that started this all- he had tried to drug my drink, and he was the one who encouraged the debauchery at FAP.

Bella promised that when I shot my load into the transformed president, that it would seal me as a man. Needless to say i was eager once I was off the phone.

I headed straight up to his room, where I found him having sex with a random girl, and video taping the whole thing. “Get out” I ordered the girl, as she awkwardly left.

“The hell man? Whats this about? You aren’t even part of this fraternity.” Jon yelled at me.
“Well in a minute you won’t be either” I said as I whipped out my magical penis.
I watched as he stared for a second, before long hair began to fall from his head.
“Whats happening?” he stuttered in shock…with his voice changing as well.

“You fucked with the wrong sorority Jon. Believe it or not- I’m Amy, but you can call me Aaron now, and I know you tried to drug me. Our sorority contacted a witch, and we are slowly changing members of your fraternity into women as revenge. Before we finished the job though, I needed to transform you.”

I just laughed as two perk little breasts sprouted, and Jon’s dick retracted in to a vagina.

“I asked for a special spell for you- you will always know you were Jon, and wish you could go back to being male, but you will also be incredibly feminine, and incredibly horny. Now let me fuck the man out of you.”

I bent the new Jen over on her old bed, with the camera still recording. And I started going at it. She was quite the moaner. And she wasn’t half bad at sex either. I finally launched my cum into her new pussy. And felt a surge of masculine energy. Yes, my transformation was complete as well. This truly was sweet revenge


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