Cody was totally being dominated in bed, and part of him loved the thrill. As Wendy rammed him from behind, she suddenly grabbed his hair for better control. There was no denying it: she was in charge now!

At that moment, a thought crossed Cody’s mind. “Wendy dear, you ARE wearing a condom, aren’t you?” he asked between panting and moaning with pleasure. A grunt was all he got for an answer. “I’m only asking because the spellbook did specify that ‘inner
contact’ with semen would make this body swap permanent. So tell me: are you wearing one or not?” Another grunt.

This wouldn’t do. Cody tried to turn his head around but found Wendy’s grip on his hair too strong to fight. “Wendy what are you—nngh—oh my god, Wendy, I can feel your cum shooting inside of me, so you’re not wearing a condom after all and I suspect that you did this on purpose and…mmh, nnngh, ahh!” he cried as his pussy clenched and convulsed in orgasm, and then he collapsed.

Wendy was all smiles afterwards as she watched her wife’s lovely body passed out on the bed. “I like being the dominant partner, the one in control all the time,” she said. “Who knew that a piece of rubber (or lack thereof) could be so crucial? I’m Cody now, the man in charge. Welcome to womanhood, Wendy,” she said to the girl sleeping in front of her.


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