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Strange mother

The strangest thing happened to my girlfriend and I. We were peacefully watching TV when her mother came into the room, pointing some sort of remote control at us. She laughed and hit the main button. A flash of light hit us, and when we came back to ourselves we weren’t in our bodies any longer.
I was in my girlfriend’s body, my girlfriend became her mom, and she became me. Read more

Keeping the wife happy

My girlfriend was always big on female empowerment, so when she asked me to include a section in my marriage vows about how I pledged to always support her in any way, I didn’t bat an eye. Read more

F.O.S.E. – A New Kind of Workplace

Vanessa (25) was an assistant for Richard (41), the CEO of a major company. She thought she was going to receive the business experience she was looking for. But like some attractive women in the workplace, she was temped into sexual relations with the promise of promotions and raises. Well one day, while she was giving Richard a blowjob, the moment he shot his load into her mouth, she felt something strange happen. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to look down and see her face with a dick in its mouth, a dick now attached to her. Later they heard about the FOSE and Richard begged Vanessa to keep their swap a secret, fearing it would ruin his reputation. Vanessa smiled and agreed on one condition: that their workplace sexual relation remains unchanged.
A month later, while the world went back to a sense of normalcy, Vanessa was enjoying her new life. Sure she was now older and a man, but she was finally in charge of a company, was married to a beautiful trophy wife, and not to mention the daily blowjobs Richard gave her.

A Closer Look

“Hey, thanks for giving me a ride Mr.,” the busty topless woman said as she got into my car.
“Oh no problem, really,” I said, trying not to make eye-contact with her large exposed breasts, and failing.
“Don’t worry,” she said coyly as she buckled her seatbelt. “I know exactly why you picked me up, and maybe when we get to my house you’ll get a bitter look.” She winked and gave me her address and we started off.
It only took maybe fifteen minutes to get there, and when we did she unbuckled and got out, closed the door, and took a few steps away from my car.
“Oh! Right,” she said. “I promised you a closer look…” Her voice trailed off and she snapped her fingers. Instantly my mind went fuzzy, and when it cleared i was outside my car.
“Have fun with ’em!” my voice said from behind me as my car sped off. I breathed heavily as I looked down and screamed. “Tits?! I’ve got tits?!” No, not just any tits, I have HER tits! I looked to the house that was now mine and walked towards the front door, my new assets wobbling and upsetting my balance. I tried to hold them in place, but my arm brushed against my nipples, causing a feeling of pleasure I had never felt before.
“Great, so not only are they huge, they’re sensitive too,” I muttered as I opened the door and stepped inside. Now safely on my own I hefted my new breasts. They were heavy, heavier than I expected, even given their size. And they were mine now.
She wasn’t lying when she said I’d get a “closer look.”

Date with a witch

My date was a witch, but not a very good one. She told me she could do stuff I could only dream off. She the lit the candle infront of me with a simple hand gesture. I was amazed, “wow? how did you do that?” I asked her. “I told you, I am a witch” she said. “And why are you telling me that?” I asked her. “Well, males make the best witches” she said. “Wait what?” I asked. She didn’t answer, she just did a new hand gesture. And in no time, everything changed. I was in her body, looking at the former me. Read more

Dire Consequences

“So this potion is going to make up bustier?” Bethany asked her friend Alison, playing with her necklace nervously.
“Yes, it should, so let’s drink up!” Alison said cheerfully as she reached for the glass. But she went for it with a bit too much enthusiasm, and poured it all over the table by accident. Their expressions quickly changed from ones of anticipation and excitement, to horror.
“What’s going to happen now? Nothing right?” Bethany shouted at her friend.
“I don’t know!” Alison said, panicked. “All I know is that if we spilled it we’d suffer dire consequences!”
“Well I definitely don’t feel any bigger,” Bethany said. “In fact, I think my bra feels a bit…roomy.” She reached up, and felt the emptiness of her bra’s cups. “Ali! My boobs are-” she stopped short as she looked up at her friend, who’s face had been contorted and was now chiseled, with a bit of stubble on its chin. She looked almost…manly.
“What’s happening to us?” Ali shouted, feeling her hips snap inwards and feeling her curves vanish.
“That potion was supposed to give us bigger tits,” Bethany said, her voice’s new depth surprising her. “But I think spilling it is giving us the opposite: men don’t have tits at all!”
Ali’s eyes widened, realizing what her friend said was true. In that same instant she felt it: something was emerging from the folds of her womanhood. Bethany felt the same sensation not long after, and they looked into each other’s eyes in horror.
With a popping feeling, they’re new manhoods settled in, and their bodies had become fully masculine. Their dresses fit awkwardly now, and they were both glad they had gone without panties that morning.
“I guess we should go find some more appropriate clothes,” Ali said, her voice shaky.
“Yeah, I think my boyfriend, well I guess he’s my ex now, has some we could borrow,” Bethany replied, sad but also sort of excited to experiment with her new form. maybe spilling the potion hadn’t been a complete loss.

Seeing it from another angle

Carla didn´t think it was possible being so aroused like she was now in her boyfriends body. An magical artifact had swapped their bodies a couple of days ago and now they were in the bed together and about to have intercourse. Read more

Candy 4

The next day, the man had left. “What a night that was” my friend said, “I don’t think I want to ever be a man again”. I smiled, I did enjoy my time as a woman too. But I wanted to try to be a man one last time. So I stood up, and walked towards my purse. “Last blue candy” I said; well last candy I had here, but the rest are at my place. Read more

Waiting to Swap

Sonia made the finishing touches to the sigil on the carpet, she checked the book to make sure it was correct and then checked again, and then again. She had spent too much time and effort for this to go wrong at the last stage, satisfied with her handiwork she lit a mass of scented candles to cover up the smell of the pigs blood that had been required for the sigil. She looked at her clock, it wouldn’t be long until Jason arrived, she pushed her bed back over the magic markings carefully so as not to smudge them. She looked about her barebones room, despite working at a prestigious American finance company they barely paid her enough to rent this one-room, Jason had offered to buy her things but she had refused. She knew he only offered to try to absolve his guilty conscience from having an affair with her. Although tonight, as she felt beads of sweat run down her body, she kind of wished she had taken him up on the air conditioning. She stripped out of her clothes until she was only wearing her sheer panties, even then the heat was oppressive, she wondered how Jason was coping in the heat as he travelled to her. Read more