Perfect Plan

“So… I’ll go over the plan one more time” Tom told Andrew. Andrew looked at Tom and said “It is so hard to concentrate with these” pointing at his new breasts. “Please focus” Tom said, “You are supposed to seduce Jeremy and steal the cashier’s check from him”. “Ok, ok seduce Jeremy” Andrew said. “And for the time being, remember your name is Audrey” Tom said. “Yes, Audrey, seduce, steal” she said.

Tom drove Audrey to Jeremy’s place. She looked like she was suffering some kind of pain, trying to convince herself of something. Tom’s plan was simple, Jeremy had previously stolen an 8 digit check from Tom, and he wanted it back. He had transformed Andrew into a girl to seduce Jeremy and steal the check for him. What he didn’t take into account was the fact that the potion didn’t just alter Andrew’s body, but his mind too. By the time Tom left Audrey at Jeremy’s, Andrew was gone, and in his place was a very horny girl, that all that could think of was having sex. “Jeremy, seduce, steal… Jeremy, seduce, steal… Jeremy, seduce, sex” Audrey kept whispering.

Tom looked for a far. Jeremy allowed Audrey in. “Success” Tom whispered. Then he saw them drink some wine. “Anything to seduce him Andrew” Tom said. Then, he saw them both enter Jeremy’s room. Audrey closed the shades. “Wait! that’s going to far” Tom said pretending to talk to Andrew. He snuck into Jeremy’s home. While Audrey was having sex with Jeremy, Tom took his time looking for his check. “Great!” he whispered when he found his check inside Jeremy’s jacket. Tom quickly left.

The next day, Tom cashed the check. His perfect plan had worked. Part of it was to turn Andrew back, but when he saw how happy Audrey looked with Jeremy, he decided to let her be. Plus, that way he wouldn’t have to share the money he just recovered.

Jeremy was mad when he couldn’t find the check, but at least he got a hot girlfriend out of this ordeal.


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