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Something in the Wine

Emmett knew they shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy liquor store. In retrospect, not asking for ID should have been a huge red flag, but they’d been too busy celebrating their good fortune to notice. Read more

No Hands!

“You really thought this would be a punishment, sis?” I said to my sister as I stood topless in the bathroom. She had “cursed” me to transform into what I would have been had I been born a girl. Well, it turns out I got the busty genes. Read more

Over confidence backfire at Merlin Academy

Ian thought himself so clever, and not just because he was a student at Merlin Academy. He’d found a magic spell to turn himself invisible, and his plan was to use it to sneak into the communal shower at the Delta Phi sorority house. He’d planned to just sneak in to peak, but the ease with which he got in made him more confident. The sight of all those beautiful women showering was too much for him, and so he started to masturbate while he stood there, invisible and watching them. Read more

The curse of 2nd street

“They say she just appears walking around in the middle of the street, exactly at 3 am” Tom told Andrew about the asian ghost of 2nd street. But Andrew being the skeptic he is, didn’t believe his friend. “I will prove you wrong” Andrew said. Read more


This is impossible; I can’t control them. This tiny piece of cloth definitely can’t restrain them. Well, but at least it’s true, in the water, I get some relief from their weight. Read more

Not what it looks like

I know what it looks like, but that is not the case. What looks like a tv and that movie about two girls making out is the real world. I live inside a dvd, and that tv is my only window to the real world. A decade ago I was cursed, transformed into a woman, and trapped inside this dvd. I am living a lonely life, alone inside this house, there was no way out. I have gotten used to it, but it wasn’t always the case. Read more

Please Stop Getting Bigger

Oh god, it just keeps getting bigger. These are my biggest pair of shorts and they’re halfway up my ass. I can’t let it get much bigger, but it’s only been a week and I’ve got from petite to… This. Read more

Guy Stuff

It had been an innocent little joke. “What are you a guy or something?” But my friend, April, hadn’t enjoyed it. Read more


I was born in 1810 as a man named Joseph. My life didn’t differ from the others until I found out about my powers. I had the ability to drain youth from women while having sex. At first I was afraid of using it but the eternal youth was too tempting. So i begin to seduce women only to have sex and drain their youth for myself. I wasn’t curel so i only took a bit of it from each woman i slept with. Enough for them to not notice and enough for me to keep myself in my thirtees and twenties. Read more

The gift(Skxawng)

Today is Joseph’s birthday and to his surprise, someone sent him a packet. He grabbed it out in the hope to find out who sent it. But there was only an oriental-looking oil lamp. “Seems someone knows my fascination with genies.” He thought and rub for fun over the lamp.
A blue cloud of smoke came out and completely enveloped him, in shock he dropped the lamp. Next, everything went to quickly for Joseph.
The smoke dissolved his clothes.
His body became smaller. His male physique disappeared and took female curves. His skin was smooth and soft as his body hair disappeared.
But he now had long hair on his head and his face looked like that of a woman.
His penis pulled back into his body and a vagina was formed.
His chest began to grow until it had reached F cup.
The smoke began to dissolve itself, leaving Joseph body with make-up and a blue genie outfit.
Instinctively he grabbed the new strange feeling on his chest and looked down briefly and said, “What the …” He stoped his sentence when he heard his female voice for the first time. Read more