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Chicks aren’t normally this horny, right?

Joe had pissed off Cassie. He’d asked her for sex one too many times. The last time he called her a little sex kitten, and said he’d found her collection of toys in her dorm room. She screamed at him in some weird language and there was a flash of light. Joe was suddenly a naked woman and in his own dorm room. The room was unchanged except for the box of sex toys on the bed. Joe was nervous, but then he looked at the toys and started feeling something more… A need. And not just in his new pussy. Read more

Over confidence backfire at Merlin Academy

Ian thought himself so clever, and not just because he was a student at Merlin Academy. He’d found a magic spell to turn himself invisible, and his plan was to use it to sneak into the communal shower at the Delta Phi sorority house. He’d planned to just sneak in to peak, but the ease with which he got in made him more confident. The sight of all those beautiful women showering was too much for him, and so he started to masturbate while he stood there, invisible and watching them. Read more

Keeping the wife happy

My girlfriend was always big on female empowerment, so when she asked me to include a section in my marriage vows about how I pledged to always support her in any way, I didn’t bat an eye. Read more

A few lessons

Tabby and Mark’s relationship was great except for one thing. Tabby was awful at fellatio. Mark tried time and again to guide her, but she just didn’t get it. Mark missed getting good head, but it was because Tabby got so upset that she couldn’t please her man that drove Mark to take desperate action. Read more

Caught in a lie

I laid in bed naked, rubbing my cock with my hand trying desperately to keep at the edge of orgasm. I glanced over at the clock. Almost 4. This was bad, this was really bad. Read more

Open minded

It was our fifth date, and things had been going very well. We’d had sex. More than once in fact. She’d spent the night at my place actually and we’d screwed again in the morning. Then we got to talking. Talking about things that excited us and things that we thought would be fun. Our conversation went a thousand places as we laid there chatting. She told me she could tell I was an open minded guy, and that she’d try to think of some more interesting things to try. I laughed and said I’d be game for whatever she wanted. Then I got up to put on my robe. Read more

Staying that way

Katherine sighed and closed her eyes. The sensation was certainly good, she thought as she thrust her dick into Mark, wondering why she’d never tried turning herself into a man before. Read more

Purpose of a nude beach

The purpose of going to a nude beach wasn’t to ogle, but to relax in a more comfortable state. Of course, that didn’t keep some people from going to ogle anyways. Usually they were at least a little subtle about it. Read more


When the hot blond who introduced herself as Erica started flirting with Mitch, Mitch was sure as hell happy to see where it went. That ended with them back at his place, him pounding her and her moaning, then him pulling out and finishing all over her tits and face. She smiled and squished her boobs together, giggling as some of his cum splashed into her mouth and ran down her neck to a charm sitting there. Read more