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Like, Totally Lost

David absolutely hated asking for directions. He was totally convinced that no matter how badly lost he got them, or how miserably he failed at map reading, he could find his way out on his own thank you very much. It got to the point where David’s girlfriend Sarah knew she had to step in. Read more

Staying Out of Trouble

It was all part of the deal my parents had made with me. “Stay out of trouble while we’re away at our conference for the week” they’d told me. Thing was, last time they’d left, I’d thrown a gigantic party—-not that they knew about it, of course, but the liquor cabinet had been quite depleted. And I had no intention of changing things up; grinning, I headed downstairs to take stock. Read more

Modelagentur ( German )

Als Jasmin mit einem Zauber heute Morgen unsere Körper tauschte war ich ziemlich geschockt. Wie konnte so etwas nur möglich sein. Es dauerte eine ganze Weile bis ich wieder klar denken konnte. Ich Mike war in Jasmins Körper. Und Jasmin in meinem. Aber warum? Ich musste Jasmin unbedingt fragen. Read more

Show Me

Matt had been drunk. That hadn’t been supposed to be an excuse, or a justification for his behavior, but facts were facts, and after downing god knows how many cups throughout the night he hadn’t known what planet he was on, much less was capable of controlling his impulses. So when a stunningly attractive co-ed slid by him in the crowd at the party, he acted…..well….rather vulgarly, yelling “show me your tits!” Read more

Chicks aren’t normally this horny, right?

Joe had pissed off Cassie. He’d asked her for sex one too many times. The last time he called her a little sex kitten, and said he’d found her collection of toys in her dorm room. She screamed at him in some weird language and there was a flash of light. Joe was suddenly a naked woman and in his own dorm room. The room was unchanged except for the box of sex toys on the bed. Joe was nervous, but then he looked at the toys and started feeling something more… A need. And not just in his new pussy. Read more

Any Bigger?

Any Bigger?

“I’m sorry, okay?” Andy said from his new body. His girlfriend, who he later found out was a witch, had caught him sneaking a peek at some other girl’s ass at the mall earlier that day.
“She was bending down, how was I supposed to NOT look? You know I’m an ass man!”
His girlfriend smirked. At least the first part of that was true, though the part about being a “man” was less so.
“Alright, fine,” she said calmly. “I’ll give you a nice big ass you can look at all you want.” She cast another spell at him. He pressed himself up against the wall, a warm sensation coursing through his rear.
“Wh-what’s going on?” he said, glancing back over his shoulder.
“I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted: a big ass to stare at 24/7.”
He stared at it as it continued to swell, his hips and thighs growing along with it.
Finally, thinking it had stopped, he (or, she) slapped a hand onto his newly ballooned butt. It wobbled slightly, sending waves through her thighs as well.
“I’ll have the biggest ass in town!” Andy shouted.
“Oh honey, we’re not done yet.” He felt another wave of warmth flow through his already huge ass, the growth starting again, and all he could do was watch…
Read more

Over confidence backfire at Merlin Academy

Ian thought himself so clever, and not just because he was a student at Merlin Academy. He’d found a magic spell to turn himself invisible, and his plan was to use it to sneak into the communal shower at the Delta Phi sorority house. He’d planned to just sneak in to peak, but the ease with which he got in made him more confident. The sight of all those beautiful women showering was too much for him, and so he started to masturbate while he stood there, invisible and watching them. Read more

Being a secretary sucks…

Katie, you have to help me! It’s me, Barbie Dahl. No, dammit.! My name isn’t Barbie, it’s Barbie! I mean, I’m Mr. Miller’s personal secretary. Read more

A Forced Night Out

“Keep smiling or I make your tits bigger, Nathan.” My girlfriend whispered into my ear, holding the gun she changed me with behind my back. “My not so manly boyfriend has some pretty impressive breasts, but I’m sure the guys here would love it if your tits were bigger.” Read more