Out Into the World

Jeff managed to escape the lab that changed him into a curvy busty blonde bombshell, and now he’s walking the streets wondering what to do next and who would even believe it was him? He looked totally different, and nothing like a man at all.

“At least they put me in flat sandals and no heels,” said Jeff in his head, but the fact was he was totally woman, and dress rather revealing as well especially for a bright day out in public wearing a tight bright dress, essentially advertising him to everyone.

The breasts and large bottom did that rather well too accentuated by the tight body conforming dress. No, he or rather SHE would walk until her head was clear, and she could come up with an idea. Perhaps she could find her way back into her home at least, and just stay there until she could get together a plan.

Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for her neighbor, she was caught halfway into her window, and the neighbor Tim caught her with her large butt sticking out of one of the living room window’s at Jeff’s place.

Tim said, “Can I help you miss?”

“Oh, um no you can’t. Go away. I’m um, breaking in her to get my things, Jeff broke up with me awhile back and kept my stuff. I want it back,” said Jeff still distraught at the sound of his new voice, and the weight of his breasts now hanging downward as he was halfway through the window, and they were sore as well from squeezing through.

Tim said, “Here let me boost you in then.”

Jeff didn’t know how or why this man would help him, but he did, but afterward Jeff followed him through that very window, “Ok, babe, I helped you, now you can help me.”

Tim began to disrobe right there in the window, freaking out Jeff. Once he seen Tim’s cock however, it was like a switch went off, some kind of mental programming perhaps? He as instantly aroused and horny, and he had to have that cock in him one way or another. Tim had his lucky day, as he half expected her to beat him over the head and call 911, but instead she rubbed her smooth legs a bit, then dropped to her knees, grabbed the shaft, and sucked.

Jeff couldn’t believe he was blowing his neighbor, but he couldn’t help himself nor stop at this point. He realized he must be programmed to be a slut or a whore or something, was this the motive of the lab that kidnapped him and changed him into this buxom babe? He couldn’t worry about that now, he had to have Tim’s hot cock.

With the act done, Tim left, through the window, his wife would be home soon, while Jeff resided to get a shower, and plan his next move. While still tasting what was left of Tim’s hot cum in his mouth, he realized what his next move would be. He would go out tonight to make some extra cash until he could prove who he was to get his job back.

Later that night when he had three dudes back at his house, pleasing them all, he thought for a moment perhaps this was all wrong, but then decided it was all right, and continued receiving the hot man meat he now so desired. The lab might have been creating whores with male experience for better whores perhaps, but he was free from that organization at least, but was a whore none-the-less, and fine with that.


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