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TG shower

It is a definite must have. I never thought of having one but the house I bought already had one installed. It was months before I tried it but once I had, I’d wish I’d given it a go sooner. Read more

Out Into the World

Jeff managed to escape the lab that changed him into a curvy busty blonde bombshell, and now he’s walking the streets wondering what to do next and who would even believe it was him? He looked totally different, and nothing like a man at all. Read more

Sassy Escort

When Hank said he needed money for college tuition, he didn’t expect his sister to use magic to change him into a sassy escort, “Don’t worry Hank, I’ll make it easy for you, as not only are you a sexy babe now, but you are ultra slutty and into men now, and hot cock. Soon you’ll be one rich bitch, and have several sugar daddies.” Read more

business as usual

my name was Steaven, I used to be a lawyer, a really bad lawyer,
I never won any cases. that’s how I got into this steamy situation.
you see, the brother of a client of mine asked me to his house, saying he had some new evidence that could get his brother out of prison.
so I left my house in suit and tie and headed toward his home. Read more

A Winning Bet: Part 3

It’s been six months since Harry and Beth switched bodies on a bet to see which life was easier, and once Beth in Harry’s body decided to take off and leave Harry in Beth’s sexy body, Harry took it pretty hard. He stayed in Beth’s, well, now his apartment for over a week, literally crying his eyes out (thanks to all of the female hormones running through his body). Harry didn’t know what to do with his life. He thought for sure his life was over. Read more

Egyptian surprise

I was on vacation in Egypt when it happened. I was resting in my room when someone knocked on my door. I walked over and opened the door on the threshold stood a huge man, he pushed me to my room so I sat on the bed, and locked the door behind himself. “Who are you?”, I asked him, but he just smiled and replied “shut up whore, im going to fuck you.” “You’re an idiot, I’m not gay, get out of here” I stood up and tried to punch him, but he was very strong, he again with the force pushed me on the bed and laughed in my face “of Course, you’re a woman, you just don’t know it yet bitch.” With these words he undid his pants and pulled out his huge erect cock.
“You see bitch, my dick is magic, he drains men’s energy from such nerds as you and fills them with femmenine energy, turning to voluptuous whores.” I looked at his huge cock fascinated and felt my manhood start living my body, his cock absorbed my masculinity and I felt my dick began to srink rapidly and be drawn into my body together with balls, forming a delicate pussy.
I put my hand inside the panties and felt lips of my new pussy. “Oh my God I’m a woman” I cried a new female voice. “Yes, but not at all yet” he smiled and turned me back to him so I rested my hands on the bed and was on all fours. He tore off my panties, revealing my tender pussy, lifted my shirt, grabbed my waist and shoved his huge cock deep into my tender hot and wet pussy. “Oh my God” I screamed as his cock entered deep into me and he began to pumping his huge shaft in and out of my pussy. “Oh my God, I feel you deep inside me, what are you doing with me” I began to moan like a slut while his cock sliding inside my pussy and filled my body with feminine energy. I felt my waist started to shrink in his hands and my ass began to swell with every friction he rocked his cock into my pussy. My ass swelled more and more turning into a huge bubble butt. My face became feminine, lips swelled and turned into cocksucking lips. My hair grew below my shoulders and became long blonde hair. My Breasts are beginning to swell, nipples had expanded and become huge. I quickly grew huge double D’s. While he was fucking me, my hips widened turning into a wide childbearing hips. I could no longer resisting and the wave of orgasm covered my body. His cock exploded hot stream inside my pussy while I moaned in orgasm. “Oh, Yes, you were a great whore, you like to be a woman I guarantee” with these words he pulled his cock out of my pussy, leaving me alone to lie on the bed.

A Winning Bet: Part 2

What started out as a simple bet between two friends has escalated into a major situation. Beth and Harry made a bet to see who had it harder, the beautiful, curvy blonde, or the regular looking guy. It was fun for Harry at first, teasing all the guys, dressing his new hot body in very skimpy clothes, and enjoying many rounds with Beth’s toys. But as the month long bet went on, things started taking a turn for Harry. Dealing with a period was bad enough, but all of that teasing she was doing to the guys around Beth’s apartment had garnished him, well her, a lot of attention. Every time she would walk out the door, she was swarmed with guy after guy, trying to get into her panties. Harry called Beth and pleaded for her to switch back, claiming over and over how hard her life was. Read more

This Isn’t Good

They’re breasts. I have breasts. They weren’t there before. What’s on my shoulder? I put my hand to my shoulder to examine the scene. It was hair. That’s strange because I have short hair. I sit on a seat in the pool and cross my legs as I think. I’d never found crossing my legs so comfortable. Something’s not right. I put my hand down to investigate. I’m so comfortable because I have a pussy my dick is gone. I am a woman. Something’s in the pool. Someone has contaminated the pool. This isn’t good. I don’t want to be a woman I’m a man. This isn’t good.

Just one slice

Jacob and Aiden friendship had endured many years. They were as close as soap and sponge. However, Aiden would ditch his friend in an instant for a beautiful woman. Aiden loved women however none loved him. Jacob was his closest friend. So Aiden decided to make Jacob his woman. He went to the TG Restaurant and bought a curvy cake then he took it to Jacob.
Jacob didn’t want the cake. He claimed he wasn’t hungry. However, Aiden begged and pleaded until he tried a piece. Little did Jacob know that that single piece of cake would change his life.
Jacob ate the slice and complimented Aiden for his taste in cakes. Jacob was curious as to why Aiden didn’t have a piece. But then the question was answered. Jacob began transforming into a woman. He shrunk and grew curves and striking red hair. Soon his third leg had diminished and he, or she, was a fully pledged woman.
Jacob was furious with his, her, friend. She couldn’t believe that he could do this to her. Aiden tried to convince Jacob that she should embrace the change but it wasn’t going to happen, or at least that is what Jacob thought. Read more

Stranger in my room.

Once I was vacationing in Africa. I was resting in my room when my door knocked. I walked over and asked, “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. I opened, suddenly a huge black naked man with a force pushed me back into the room. I looked at his huge thick cock, it was giant, probably about 11 inches. I couldn’t stop staring at his cock as if hypnotized. He grinned and said “I See that you like my big black dick, slut.” “You are very lucky, my dick is magic, it turns such bitches like you in real sexbombs”. “What, I’m not a whore…” I tried to protest but my voice changed and became sexy, feminine high pitched voice. “What’s wrong with my voice,” I sound so feminine, but the magic of his giant member was doing a good job. I felt a tingling in my cock as it rapidly began to shrink drawn into my body with the scrotum forming sweet pussy with puffy wet lips. I opened the robe and touched my pussy, a wave of pleasure ran through my body. “Oh my God, I’m a woman,” I said, feeling my soft, tender pussy is ready to engulf his huge black dick. He grinned again, “Yeah bitch, further more” he suddenly came up to me snatched my Bathrobe, turned me and threw me on the bed so I was on all fours. He took me by the waist, which began to rapidly shrink, and inserted his huge cock into my hot ready pussy. I yelped in surprise and felt his cock tightens the muscles of my vagina. He began to pump his huge cock inside and outside my pussy, tearing me apart. I could feel his hips hit my ass and it began to inflate, each blow was becoming softer and softer as I felt my butt is growing becoming a big plump feminine ass. I began to moan like a real whore while he fucked me, long brown curls began to droop of my face framing my beautiful female face. Sweet moans fell from my plump lips as he pumped my pussy from behind. I felt a tingling in my chest when it suddenly began to swell, two huge soft voluptuous Tits size double D has formed on my chest. I moaned and groaned while he fucked me from behind completely turning me into a curvy, voluptuous woman. “Yes, slut you’re so sexy, I always loved voluptuous women, you will like to be a woman I promise, and you will soon see it” he began to speed up pumping into my pussy bringing me to orgasm. I groaned when a wave of orgasm covered me, I felt how his cock exploded inside me in a hot stream. I was in heaven, felt my first female multiple orgasms. After that, he disappeared, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Since then it’s been 9 months, I have a huge pregnant belly, in which two gift left by a strange man who made me a real woman.