Online Ordered Housewife

I opened up the Bella’s Web Order Catalogue over the weekend with permission from The Wizard. He thought it would bring in some more money to the store.

I was thrilled to see an order for a 50’s housewife costume and a 50’s mens suit. Sounded like a fun costume transformation. I was even more entertained when I noticed that it was an order for two men- Ron and Justin,and it would be shipping to their condo . This should be entertaining. I sent it via magic to arrive at their Condo on Saturday.

Ron walked to the door when he heard the doorbell ring.
“Justin, the costume order is here already. Didn’t you just order that this morning?”

“Yeah Ron, must have been express delivery. It was some new place that I’ve never heard of before…Bella’s.”

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this costume idea Justin.”

“Oh come on Ron, crossdressing costumes always stand a good chance at winning awards at the company costume contest. It’s not like you have to look convincing as a woman.”

“Fine. Should we try them on to see how they look?” Ron asked.

“Sounds good, could you bring mine to my room, I’m in the middle of reading a news article.”

Ron dropped the 50’s Men’s suit off in Justins room and headed to his own, grumbling to himself. He had never crossdressed before, but Justin was persuasive that they could win the $1,000 grand prize at the company costume contest if they went with something crazy enough.

He stripped down to his boxers after opening the box, and held up the dress to his body. “Here goes nothing”…. He struggled a bit, being unfamiliar with how to put a dress on. He felt a bit funny once he finally got it all on, but figured it was time to go look in the mirror.

Ron was mentally in shock when he looked in the mirror. He was curvy, soft, feminine, with a gorgeously made up face, and two beautiful breasts peeking out of the dress. His mind was racing, but when he opened his mouth all that came out was “Damn Renee, you look cute in this dress! I’m sure Justin will love it.”

Ron thought to himself “Wait what did I just say?”. She was involuntarily striking poses and feeling up her curves. New memories of dating Justin and moving in together flooded his brain. He went to say “Why do I have the hots for Justin?” but instead what came out was “Its a little risque wearing this without a bra, but I think Justin will approve.”

Suddenly a new voice was in his head, arguing with his old identity of Ron. “Give up Ron, we are Renee now. A gorgeous woman in love with her boyfriend, with plans to be a housewife. This is who you are, accept it, and go find your man.” “No….No…I can’t stop thinking about Justin’s dick being in me…this is not what I want….but I can’t fight it anymore.”

Renee stood for a minute, her brain fighting itself. Finally, she headed to the kitchen, where she found Justin. He walked up behind her and began whispering in her ear “Damn babe, you are so hot right now. She couldn’t resist saying right back “Let’s fuck Justin.” He grabbed her dress and ripped it off and they fucked for hours.

Just goes to show you that you should probably see who you are ordering from online. I am not responsible for what my products do, but I’m sure those two will end up happy


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