mind break

I couldn’t believe it, if the mind mind conditioning hadn’t broken off, I would have slept with him. Thank god that a few blocks before reaching John’s house, I realized what wa going on. I quickly fell to the floor, as a man I wasn’t used to walking in high heels. I looked at myself using my cellphone, I couldn’t believe how hot I was.

My cellphone started ringing. It was John, but I was afraid to answer, he might brainwash me again. However, he was the only way to turn back. So I texted him “You bastard! turn me back!”. A few seconds later, a got a response, it was all just scrambled letters, it didn’t make any sense. But somehow, after taking a quick look at it, I felt like I had to go somewhere. I stood up, and started walking with no problem at all. As I reached John house, I knocked at his door. I was so glad I didn’t get lost at the park. As soon as he openned the door, I jumped on his arms, and he carried me all the way up to his appartment. I kissed him all the way. I can’t wait to finally sleep with him.


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