What could possibly happen?

It was summer and I needed a break from the family for a bit. My best friend Johnny called me and invited me to stay with him at his new penthouse for two weeks and there was no way in hell I was going to turn that down. My folks warned me to stay out of trouble while staying there and I just asked,

“It’s just two weeks with Johnny. What could possibly happen?”

I got there a few hours later and this pad was kickass, I knew Johnny was rich and all but I didn’t expect him to afford this. We kicked it for awhile, checking out the penthouse, playing some video games, and ordered some of the best high class food around…pizza.

As we were playing games and feasting on some pizza slices, I noticed Johnny pull out a blue drink from the fridge with a name I didn’t recognize: E-5. With curiosity, I raised an eyebrow and asked,

“What’s that?” Johnny sat back down beside me and replied,

“Huh? Oh this is some new energy drink. Said to make Redbull and Monster look like child’s play. Want some?”

“Nah, I’m good man. Could really use a cup of milk to go with this pizza though.” I said before taking another bite of the pepperoni pizza while Johnny took a few good chugs of the energy drink,

“I got you, man.” As he got up and returned to the kitchen, I continued playing the game and I immediately started doing better than Johnny. What I heard next made me do a double take, “Whole or 2%?” The voice sounded high pitched so I looked back to see Johnny counging and clearing his throat,

“You getting sick, dude? If so I might change my mind about staying here.” I joked which made Johnny laugh,

“I don’t know what the hell that was.” We both let out a laugh,

“Whole milk is fine, man.” After pouring me a glass, he brought it to me and that’s when I noticed that he had extremely dainty hands for a guy who used to work in construction…and his finger nails seemed long.

“Oh, forgot my drink.” Johnny walked off again but this time I saw his ass which was HUGE and I mean HUGE, like a chick would kill to have an ass like that. Damn, I felt I was turning gay for a second. Johnny grabbed his drink this took a few more chugs and that’s when I knew something was wrong with that drink because that’s when I heard the most feminine moan I’ve ever heard so I looked back to see Johnny and my eyes went wide from the sight of his brunette hair growing down just passed his shoulders and changing colors to have highlights of blonde,

“Uh…J-Johnny?” Setting down his drink, I could just see that Johnny wasn’t feeling right and this was confirmed by his stumbling towards me with what looked like pain as he grunted with a high pitched voice,

“Mike! Help me!” He lost girth and muscle right before my eyes before I shot up onto my feet and started backing up in fear. He kept his height but I could see the rest of him changing, his legs got longer and lost all their hair, his head and face became softer with plump lips, and overall I could just see my best friend’s body change from a regular man to that of a smoking hot chick right before my eyes. His…her voice was getting to me because after awhile, he stopped grunting and just started moaning; they definitely were not moans of pain that’s for damn sure,

“Mike! It feels so good…what’s happening?!?” It wasn’t over though; I watched as his blue button up shirt began to inflate by the mounds of flesh that were growing underneath which kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until…well all buttons were gone and now two giant tits were exposed. Johnny was panting slightly, I could tell that whatever transformation just occurred was not over because there was no denying that this person standing in front of me was 100% woman,

“Johnny…are you okay?”

“I…I don’t know…” She was obviously scared so I stepped forth after taking off my shirt to wrap her up; her skin was so soft and honest to god perfect. I sat her down and we talked about this situation for a good hour before I took a look at the bottle which the drink came im,

“Well here they talk about an energy boost but it says that it lasts up to eight hours.” I could see the horror in Johnny’s face as I told her that.

A few hours passed by and I noticed that Johnny soon felt more comfortable, especially after he changed into a bikini which he clearly stole from one of her ex-girlfriends, though it seemed a little too small for her. Soon enough we decided to have some fun: we played video games for awhile but then she got the idea of partying and sure enough, we got drunk and started dancing together. After awhile, I forgot that I was dancing with Johnny and only thought of this woman as some hot babe I met tonight…somehow I felt that Johnny was feeling something similar because she danced and giggled like a woman would.

She managed to drag me to the hot on the terrace which I stepped into after changing into some shorts but since she was already in a bikini, she just went right in and sat down with her glass of champagne; at this point she was very very drunk,

“Did you know that my parents wanted a girl? Fucking irony.” She felt up her own breasts while slightly dancing to the music which was being muffled by the glass door and windows. I felt a little awkward by the sight in front of me so I tried to talk and get her to stop,

“Guess I can’t call you Johnny, eh? How about Jenny?” We both let out a laugh before giving it some thought while gently biting her lower lip,

“The original name my folks had for me was Jasmine. Let’s go with that.” As I gazed at Jasmine, I still couldn’t believe this was Johnny Maverick, the kid who defended me in Freshman year of high-school, “You like what you see?” I heard her say before my attention returned to her face and I blushed with embarrassment,


“Hey…you’re a dude and I’m a babe. I don’t blame ya…honestly I’m curious about this body.” That’s when I noticed her slowly coming towards me and my hard on was becoming much more difficult to hide,

“What are you doing, Johnny?” I soon felt her sitting on my lap,

“C’mon man, don’t tell me you aren’t the least bit interested in this. Don’t be a pussy…after all I’m the one here with one.” I wanted to fight her off but the moment her lips touched mine, I just immediately started making out with her like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say we didn’t go to sleep for a long time since we were fucking like newlyweds for most of it and Jasmine didn’t seem to be losing any energy. Well I guess it was an energy drink; little did I know that after I passed out, she got up then drank the rest of said drink which has a warning on the back not to drink entire bottle in one day. Oh boy…

It’s been a year since that night and things have definitely changed: I told my folks that I got an online job that could support me and I was going to live with “Johnny” as his roommate. The fact was that Johnny never came back; after chugging down that entire bottle, Jasmine was a permanent thing and were happy about it because now we were lovers living together in the best penthouse in the city. Tonight is the one year anniversary and I just bought her a ring. Married to Jasmine? What could possibly happen?


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