Olivia, the Wild

(Part 16, #Olivia)

“Mmmmph… ohhhh…. yes, yessss…. Yes!

Awww…. oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah… fuck me, Danny. Oooh…. fuck me like the dirty girl I am.”

My pussy was on fire. My Danny pounded his rock solid cock into me, and I was his helpless cat in heat. I loved every moment of it.

He grabbed my tight ass as hard as he could as he rammed me over and over and over again, trying to get deeper. Oh, it was heaven.

“I’m such a dirty girl, Danny.”

I climbed on top of him and slid my folds over his member. I gyrated my pelvis on him hungrily, soaking up his delicious man juices in my pussy as I rocked back and forth quickly. He held and groped and violated my breasts as my hair dangled down over his face. He saw the lust in my painted eyes but he didn’t smile. He slapped my bare ass as he fucked me, and I screamed and moaned and whined desperately for this feeling to never ever ever end.

As he came in me I clamped my vagina around his cock and let his juices flow through me. It was hot and messy, and I continued to thrust on him as we finished together, before collapsing on each other in our bed.

It was our third go at it today.


“Hm?” I turned to see Danny’s younger brother, Corey, peeking into our bedroom. I was putting up my hair and wearing my favorite sexy robe. Ugh. What does he want now? “What do you want?” I turned back to the mirror.

“It’s about Karen.”

Oh, isn’t that the nerd girl he was seeing? “What about her?”

“Well, I told you that I gave her the potion that would make her incredibly attracted to me, but I’m not sure it’s working.” He leaned against the door frame.

“What? Isn’t she your girlfriend now? You’ve gone out on a few dates now, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, but here’s the thing, I thought the potion would, you know, make her crave SEX with me. We haven’t done more than a quick peck on the lips, so I’m not even sure she’s attracted to me. If the potion worked, it’s kind of a weak potion.”

Humph. “It’s NOT a weak potion, I made it myself, after all. Danny trained me. You must have fucked it up.”

“I did NOT fuck it up, Olivia! You need to help me. I’m thinking about inviting her over for dinner here. Would you help? Maybe you could cast a spell on her?”

I turned around, and crossed my legs, staring at Corey. “Whatever. You can have your little bitch over for dinner. I think I’d like to meet the girl that can either resist my charms; OR the girl that is smart enough to outclass a bore like you.”

That pissed him off, so he just left. Good. I turned back to the mirror to finish getting myself ready. I had a hot date night with my Danny, and I was hoping maybe later we could go for number four.


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