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Becoming myself

So I woke up this morning looking like this. It’s really strange considering that just yesterday I was a guy. Now I had two real breasts, my body was much slimmer and the penis that kept me company for 25 years was gone. I wasn’t scared nor I didn’t panic. To be honest I was hoping this would happen. I may have been a guy for 25 years but inside I always felt like a woman. Read more

Perfect Plan

“So… I’ll go over the plan one more time” Tom told Andrew. Andrew looked at Tom and said “It is so hard to concentrate with these” pointing at his new breasts. “Please focus” Tom said, “You are supposed to seduce Jeremy and steal the cashier’s check from him”. “Ok, ok seduce Jeremy” Andrew said. “And for the time being, remember your name is Audrey” Tom said. “Yes, Audrey, seduce, steal” she said. Read more

New friend

Andrew was greeted by a stranger at his home. “I turned rather cute don’t you think?” the woman asked Andrew. “Wait? who are you?” he asked. “Don’t you recognize your best friend?” the woman said as she took off her blouse. “Tom?” Andrew asked her. She smiled, “not anymore”. Read more

Potion Grenade

*cough cough* What the– What the heck did that guy just throw at us? Where did he go? Was he wearing a bath robe? Did it just get colder? Read more

Dire Consequences

“So this potion is going to make up bustier?” Bethany asked her friend Alison, playing with her necklace nervously.
“Yes, it should, so let’s drink up!” Alison said cheerfully as she reached for the glass. But she went for it with a bit too much enthusiasm, and poured it all over the table by accident. Their expressions quickly changed from ones of anticipation and excitement, to horror.
“What’s going to happen now? Nothing right?” Bethany shouted at her friend.
“I don’t know!” Alison said, panicked. “All I know is that if we spilled it we’d suffer dire consequences!”
“Well I definitely don’t feel any bigger,” Bethany said. “In fact, I think my bra feels a bit…roomy.” She reached up, and felt the emptiness of her bra’s cups. “Ali! My boobs are-” she stopped short as she looked up at her friend, who’s face had been contorted and was now chiseled, with a bit of stubble on its chin. She looked almost…manly.
“What’s happening to us?” Ali shouted, feeling her hips snap inwards and feeling her curves vanish.
“That potion was supposed to give us bigger tits,” Bethany said, her voice’s new depth surprising her. “But I think spilling it is giving us the opposite: men don’t have tits at all!”
Ali’s eyes widened, realizing what her friend said was true. In that same instant she felt it: something was emerging from the folds of her womanhood. Bethany felt the same sensation not long after, and they looked into each other’s eyes in horror.
With a popping feeling, they’re new manhoods settled in, and their bodies had become fully masculine. Their dresses fit awkwardly now, and they were both glad they had gone without panties that morning.
“I guess we should go find some more appropriate clothes,” Ali said, her voice shaky.
“Yeah, I think my boyfriend, well I guess he’s my ex now, has some we could borrow,” Bethany replied, sad but also sort of excited to experiment with her new form. maybe spilling the potion hadn’t been a complete loss.

Oooooh , This Feels So Nice…

There was a potion that I have been working on for 10 years… It was going to make me rich! I had developed a potion that would make you young, the “Fountain Of Youth”… All the tests I had run up to this point had passed. All the tests were on old animals and within minutes , their bodies would literally rejuvenate into their younger selves. One little problem…The test subjects would change genders! I had to try it! I had spent all of my life and savings to develop this…It had to work! I decided that I would be the human test subject. I set up the recorders and cameras to validate my research. I turned them on and then drank the potion…At first, nothing seem to happen…Then I could feel a fire burning in my body. I took all my clothes off…My scalp started sprouting hair everywhere…the hair on the rest of my body fell off. I could feel the swelling in my chest area and my waist was constricting as I had to catch my breath. I could feel my butt starting to plump out. Then.. my face … I could feel my facial structure changing … becoming softer.. The last thing was my manhood. Slowly I could feel it shrinking and regressing back into my body. I sat there panting and cooling off once it stopped. As I felt my new sex, a smile came across my now beautiful face. This may be good after all…

Festival in Brazil

Mark always wanted to visit Brazil. He was fascinated by the place and its people. Unfortunately he couldn’t afford it so he lived dreaming about it until one day when he won a ticket for a festival in Brazil. Read more


As a short and thin 15 years old boy I wanted to improve my body a bit. You know, to look more masculine and so that girls would want to date me. I found a potion on the internet that could help me reach my goal. Two days later it arrived. I didn’t want to get all muscular so I only drank a small portion of it before I went to sleep. Next day when I looked at my body I realized I screwed up badly. My body changed and I looked now like a woman. Read more