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(Paula) “What has happened to me? “Paul asked his girlfriend Rhonda after awaking from the hypnosis. (Paula) “We agreed that you would put me in a hypnosis to get rid of my smoking habit but this not what we agreed. (Rhonda) ”Correct however when I put you under a hypnosis I discovered that u have been cheating on me with ex-girlfriend Lilli. So now not only your smoking habit is gone I changed your sexual desire as well but something else had to go. I thought its better if you keep stay together so I transformed her entire body into a busty Latina bodysuit, after that I glued your old body into the bodysuit while u got hypnotized.” Read more

Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

When in Rome…

Lately it has been a rough go at it for our pal Wyatt here, he has gotten laid off from his job, his girlfriend moved away, and his rent for his apartment just went up. He seemed lost, he’s had a hard time finding another job and he can’t quite hook up with the right ladies at the bar. Read more

Oh Yeah…Finally!

Well, the time has arrived! It’s time to go out in public and see how I do. I know I look like a woman and talk like a woman but….Can you help me out? Please come here and check everything ? Make sure I’m passible? Come closer…Please, I won’t bite….hehe…Now please check here as I spread my legs….Ooooh yeah! Right there! Oooooooh ! PLEASE…..Don’t……Stop!!!!

Oh Yeah Part 3

Well, its time to start getting ready…makeup’s on and time to put these puppies in the bra. Damn, I look so good!!!

Oh Yeah Part 2

This body feels so sexy… I love the way it feels when I walk in heels. My butt sways so gently from side to side…when I walk my boobs swing in rhythm with my butt. It just feels so exciting! When I put my thong on, I felt my body as I slid it on…my legs are so smooth…my vaginal area is so flat and perfect…Ooooh, I feel a tingle there as I’m thinking about it….Mmmmm that feels so nice…..

Distant Relative – Part 5 of #Uncle

My uncle locked the app after I changed back, with the suit as close to my old body as I can make it. I still had a vagina, and I kept it shaved as the submissive suggestions were still controlling my behaviour. For once I had control over the settings, as only my phone could control the suit. Read more

Oh Yeah!!!

This bodysuit is fantastic!!! I look and feel like a woman! It’s like every nerve ending on me is attached to the suit, like this is my real skin! Oooooh , this spray feels so nice on my boobs…Hehe, I said my boobs! I wonder how it would feel down…ummm….

Bodysuit 4

“Fuck man! That’s disgusting!” I shouted as my best friend finished all over my bodysuit’s huge jugs. It was his birthday, and I knew FemmCo. suits were practically like having real boobs (though they felt lighter, and almost like they were filled with jelly instead of real titflesh), so I bought one with one of the biggest breast settings, and let him have some fun. I didn’t think he was going to cum all over it though!
“I’m sorry! They just feel so real!” he said.
“It’s fine, just help me get the thing off,” I told him and he went around behind me to undo the zipper.
“Uh, where’s the zipper again?”
Idiot. “It’s at the top of my neck, right under the…hair…line…” my voice drifted off as I reached back and found myself unable to find the zipper. I jumped off the bed and ran to get the suit’s manual, feeling something different in my chest. The suit’s tits felt a lot heavier and firmer, almost like real tits.
I got the manual and flipped to the warnings in the back:
“DO NOT allow semen to come into contact with the suit. Doing so will cause it to bind to the wearer and become permanent.” I dropped the manual from my shaking hands. “P-permanent…” I stuttered out. I looked down at my chest. “Permanent?!”
“What, what is it?”
“Your jizz made this suit permanent! These are my fucking tits now! This whole body is mine!” And if this body is mine then-
“And YOUR CUM IS ON MY SKIN!!” I screamed at him and kicked him out of my house before walking down the hall to the shower to wash this disgusting mess off my-
Off my tits.