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Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

Alternate Reality

I shifted my weight awkwardly. I was definitely not used to wearing high heels. “Can’t believe you did this me, jackass. When will you change me back?” Read more

He Wouldn’t

I woke up, feeling perhaps a little grogginess than I was expecting to. I had just spent the night as a woman, thanks to the remote that David had bought this week. Read more

The Psychiatrist

My wife left me earlier this week. To cope, I had to take on more clients at my psychiatry practice. I figured sorting out other people’s problems would help me adjust to my own. Read more

The Choice, Part 4

I shook my head violently. “No way! Those options are awful! You’re trying to manipulate me, turning me into a full woman, aren’t you?” I glared daggers at Jack, who had locked himself in this nightclub bathroom with me. Read more

The Final Choice

Last choice? I don’t even remember making any other choices. I remember that Jack turned me into a girl using the remote, promised me it would only be a week, but then we got ready for this club and I was just so into it. I got all sexed up, danced with strangers, and then made love with Jack here in this bathroom. I remember all of that, but… when did I make any choices? Read more