My Revenge

I sat crosslegged in Chris’s living room dangling my high heal on my show, waiting eagerly for Chris to get home. That’s how I’ve been for the last week, ever since he used the reality remote to make me a clone of Christina Hendrick’s character from Man Men. I was mortified to suddenly be some buxom woman dressed from the ’60s, but before I could react he pushed a button and…

To put it bluntly, he brainwashed me into being his girlfriend. I still knew who I was and could remember everything, but he changed how I thought. Suddenly I liked my body, being a woman. I didn’t mind being changed. He even made me go by Joan. The worst, most infuriating, humiliating part, was he made me attracted to men. Specifically, men exactly like him.

So for the last week I’ve been a complacent busty girlfriend to Chris, cooking, cleaning for him. He’s even used me sexually, and the worst part? Because of the remote, I squealed in delight the first time I saw his cock. I didn’t know anything was wrong until today, when I was dusting a high shelf and knocked the remote onto the floor.

When it hit, I had a flash of insight. Everything became clear to me, I felt like myself again. It was alarming, but with my clarity I put the pieces together. Chris had brainwashed me and used me as his female love slave, with no regard for me at all. For the last week I’ve been mincing around on heals his apartment wearing pointy bras and garters and hose and tight dresses. I’ve … fucked him. I’ve sucked … Oh god. I felt nauseous and had to sit down, but when I landed on my plump cushion of an ass, and felt my chest jiggle until it came to a stop, I became intensely aware of the alien nature of this body.

I looked down. My tits, they were… Well they were tits for one. Milky… LARGE bags of flesh squeezed into a bra. I could feel them hanging off my chest. It was like sensory overload to the max, pardon the expression. I couldn’t bare to think about my crotch, though that didn’t stop me from recalling all of its uses over the past week.

It took me a while to get used to free will again. Spending a week as basically a different person and then in a moment being brought back in control is really jarring. That’s when I looked over and saw the remote.

Finding the model number on the back I spent two hours on google tracking down information on it in google. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a lot of information on magic reality remotes, so I dug deep and my search definitely yielded results. I’d found a site that claimed to be able to display the active setting on a reality remote, and there was an instruction manual. Goldmine.

I entered the remote’s serial number into the site’s textfield and pressed enter. I was nervous to see what exactly Chris had done to me, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

On the screen was a menu of the remote’s active processes. My name was listed under “Units”. In a section labeled “Physical” it read “Character Body Copy: Joan Holloway [Status-Burned]” and under “Mental” it read “Last saved: Chris Selman original [Status- Rewritable]”
I had to consult the manual to know exactly what it all meant, but I had a bad feeling.

My heart sank when I realized what he’d done. Since the status of my body is burned, it can no longer be rewritten. I struggled to admit to myself the obvious implication of this. I would never be able to change my body… I’d be stuck like this.

I wanted to cry. And to be honest, I did. I didn’t realize until a half hour later that my makeup had run, almost adding insult to injury. But then I realized how lucky I was that he’d apparently forgotten or had the decency not to burn in the mental settings. And I had free will again, and a lot of anger, and a magic remote. I cleaned up my makeup and read the manual. I only had a few hours before Chris got home.
I heard the door open and I got nervous, but I grasped the remote and readied my thumb on the right button as Chris came into the room.

“Hi Chris.” I said, attempting to sound authoritative despite my nearly squeaky voice.

“Hey Joan, ready for a fun night?” He said, already unbuckling his belt.

“Oh yeah, but my name’s not Joan, it’s Jason.” I said. That’s when he saw the remote in my dainty hands.

“Jason? Hey man, let me exp-” He began to say, until I cut him off with the pause button. He froze in the middle of the room and I immediately pressed Source.

Immediately we were both in an empty white plain. I unfroze him, but pressed the Hold button.

“-lain!” Chris finished. “Hey, what happened? Where are we?”

“Source 2, it’s kind of a blank slate. You can do a lot with this little remote, especially when you read the instructions.”

“Chris, I know you’re mad. Please, just let me explain.”

“I’ll explain. You turned me, against my will, into this, and you made me your slave. You fucked with my brain. And you were never going to turn me back. You burned this body onto me, Chris! Do you know what that means?? I CAN NEVER CHANGE BACK!” I shrieked, surprised to hear such a voice come from me. I collected myself. “And I only found out cause you were too stupid to do the same with my mind. Well now I have the remote and I know how to use it.”

Chris gulped. “What are you going to do?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” I said honestly. “You turned me into a TV character, so I think that’s appropriate. Maybe I can stick you in Game of Thrones? You’ll either get murdered or raped for sure. Maybe an animal? The slowest gazelle in a nature documentary? I wonder if I can make you an inanimate object? I could use a new coffee table.” I threatened. I looked over to Chris and smirked. I could tell he was terrified.

“Relax, I’m not a monster, unlike you. It won’t be violent. Just a little … Tit for tat.” I quipped, gesturing to my bust. I pointed the remote at Chris. “If I’ve got to spend my life with a pussy, then so do you. You’ll never be a man again. But the mental stuff? We can have fun with that.” I said, pressing a button, enacting my revenge.


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