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It’s, like, Not What It Looks Like!

“It’s, like, not what it looks like!” I squealed, closing my laptop and jumping onto my bed. My girlfriend had come in through the backdoor and I wasn’t expecting her home so early, so she totally surprised me. Read more

After Work

Back when I was a man, nothing was better than getting home from a hard day of work, taking off your shoes, your belt, and melting into the couch. Now that I’m forced by my mom to live her life, which means having to work in her office, there are different things I look forward to. Read more


“Holy shit, Kenny- Your swimsuit! It’s so-” Jake said after I stripped off my shirt and shorts. Read more

All Your Fault

“Wow, you’re looking chipper.” Margaret said to her son Tyler, currently occupying her body while she was in his, the result of a spell she cast on the two of them. “And scantily clad… And sweaty. What’s going on?” Read more

Exchange Island Thoughts

Okay Jason keep calm, you knew this was a possibility when your parent told you the family was going to exchange island. I knew this could happen, I just didn’t think it would. You’re a woman, no big deal, right? The change felt so weird. One minute I’m on the beach in my board shorts, then I get real dizzy and all of the sudden I’ve got these honkers on my chest. Read more

Rabbit Hole

“Hey Alice, can we get a picture?!”
“Goodness, why yes of course! Oh how I love photographs *giggle*” I said, beaming and posing in my now routine girly manner. The two guests who approached me, both young men, snapped the pic and then looked at each other and smiled. “Are you two enjoying your time in the magic kingdom?” I cheerfully asked. Read more

Wish Agent

“Wow David, or I suppose I should say Esmerelda? I can’t believe it’s been a year since my agency granted your wish for a reliable money making skill.” Read more

Still a Vagina

I hate my therapist. He’s a guy, he’s never gone through second puberty. He thinks I should wear skirts and dresses and tights and makeup and all that crap just to “accept the female me” well fuck that. It wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t also convinced my crazy mom. Bye bye gym shorts, hello sports bras. Read more

Two and a Half Months part 3

After forcing himself into a pair of jeans (mom jeans of course), a t-shirt and some running shoes, and washed off his makeup, Ralph didn’t know what to do with himself. He was still riled up by his sister mocking him for looking at her manly body. Read more

Big Green Monster

My girlfriend and I had decided to use the magic remote to enter the Avengers movie. Hers and my biggest celebrity crushes were Robert Downey Jr an Scarlett Johanson respectively, so Avengers seemed like the natural choice. The plan was to jump into the movie towards the end after the world was saved and have a wild night of sex in Stark Tower. Read more