Next Round

“Ahhh….oh god that feels good….but I…I think we should try and figure out how to switch back”, groaned, Mrs Jay as her former body kept sliding her wet pussy up and down her throbbing, hot cock, now occupied by her 17 year-old neighbour:,.

“Oh….oh fuck….just….just shut up and keep fucking me,” moaned Eric, sinking his former shaft into his new velvety lips. “We still have a few more rounds yet Mrs Jay….god I’m such a horny MILF,”

It was only a few hours ago when Eric was helping out Mrs Jay sort out her attic that they found a strange looking coin that caused them to magically swap bodies. Finding themselves in each others bodies also caused them to become extremely aroused which led them into the bedroom.

Mrs Jay stared at her massive tits as the wet heat of her former pussy glided up and down her teenage cock, slick with her former body’s juices. “I….I think gonna cum again”.

“ahhhh….ahhh good, blast that hot load into my juicy cunt”. Eric began to ride his old body faster, the head of the hungry cock hitting his g-spot each time, “I’m cumming ahhhhhh!” Screamed Eric when suddenly Mrs Jay grunted, filling her former body with sticky hot cum as Eric sunk deeper, devouring every last drop.

They both laid on the bed panting, covered in each others juices as Eric began to turn to her, “Ready for another round?” he smiled. “Only if you give me a blowjob first,” said Mrs Jay, laughing.


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