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Not what it looks like

I know what it looks like, but that is not the case. What looks like a tv and that movie about two girls making out is the real world. I live inside a dvd, and that tv is my only window to the real world. A decade ago I was cursed, transformed into a woman, and trapped inside this dvd. I am living a lonely life, alone inside this house, there was no way out. I have gotten used to it, but it wasn’t always the case. Read more

My Revenge

I sat crosslegged in Chris’s living room dangling my high heal on my show, waiting eagerly for Chris to get home. That’s how I’ve been for the last week, ever since he used the reality remote to make me a clone of Christina Hendrick’s character from Man Men. I was mortified to suddenly be some buxom woman dressed from the ’60s, but before I could react he pushed a button and… Read more

Full 3D experience

Gary was excited coming back home with the brand new blu-ray disc he had bought. The clerk that sold it to him said that it was one of the best around. “Female Fantasies 69 – Sex from her perspective”, was its name.
Supporting all the highest business standards it was promised to give you a full experience if your system was just good enough. Read more