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Rabbit Hole

“Hey Alice, can we get a picture?!”
“Goodness, why yes of course! Oh how I love photographs *giggle*” I said, beaming and posing in my now routine girly manner. The two guests who approached me, both young men, snapped the pic and then looked at each other and smiled. “Are you two enjoying your time in the magic kingdom?” I cheerfully asked. Read more

My Revenge

I sat crosslegged in Chris’s living room dangling my high heal on my show, waiting eagerly for Chris to get home. That’s how I’ve been for the last week, ever since he used the reality remote to make me a clone of Christina Hendrick’s character from Man Men. I was mortified to suddenly be some buxom woman dressed from the ’60s, but before I could react he pushed a button and… Read more

New Attraction

For spring break my friends and I decided to go to Disney World. We had fun but it didn’t have the magic that it had when I was a kid. One of the employees must have heard me when I was sharing that thought with my friend while we were in line for Space Mountain, because as soon as we got out of the ride and employee approached me.
“Sir, you’ve been selected to test out our new attraction.” He told me.
“Really? What is it?”
“It’s a new interactive, immersive way to experience our most beloved films.” He explained nicely. I liked Disney movies as much as the next millenial, so I was interested.
“Neat, can my friends come?”
“I’m sorry sir, we can only give out a very limited number of passes per day.”
I knew my friends wouldnt care if I broke off for a while so I accepted the pass and after getting lunch headed to the area where the guy said the attraction was located. Read more