Liability Warning 2

Warning: Bella’s Magical Boutique cannot be held liable for misuse of any costumes.

Our legal department has asked us to put out a notice to let men know not to ask their girlfriends and wives to buy them a costume. This is especially true if you have complained about their costumes being too sexy! If they come home with a shopping bag, wig, or outfit that is labeled “Bella’s” to please return it instead of putting it on.

Lee, now Laney, has learned the hard way, and went off to a frat party with his girlfriend, with his costume being “swimsuit model”. The spell would have been reversible, but his girlfriend insisted her flirt with every guy there to understand what its like to be objectified. Unfortunately he came in contact with semen and is now Laney permanently. His girlfriend reached out to us to thank us for her new best friend, but offered to let Lee’s story be a warning.


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