Instant Female Experience

Jeff wished so badly for a new life, he had no life, no friends, no prospects. When his wish was answered by unknown forces, he found things very different. He had ample boobs, long hair, and long sexy legs in black stockings and feet in heels. He was sitting on a man, pumping his large cock deep inside of him in a new place, a vagina! He found his dainty right hand rubbing his new clitoris to increase pleasure, while this man pounded him going inside and out thrusting.

He would later find he was now a she and she was Rhonda Anderson, a trophy wife to Tim Anderson, a husband who only demanded sex when he was home from his business trips. Later Jeff now Rhonda could feel her new man explode inside her with waves of hot sticky man juice flowing into her. This sent her in a female spiral of orgasmic bliss, having four orgasms in a row! She shuddered from the sex, even afterward, also shocked that here new husband Tim said he hoped she was now pregnant with their love child.

The new Rhonda looked in the mirror, cum dripping down her leg, and said, “I hope I m fucking pregnant, I love this, the body is amazing, the sex is wonderful, and my new man loves me. To have a child that loves me and my husband, would be great!”

The new Rhonda was shocked at what her wish did, but felt better off, even nine months later when she had triplet baby girls!


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