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My Life As A Giantess

Yeah, that’s me, out for my morning walk through the city. Just a normal girl taking a normal walk. Gotta watch my figure! Nothing unusual at all! Read more

Blowjob Change

The forced blowjob Harry had to do on his former buddy Jack was disgusting him, but Jack threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply with the blowjob. The magic of Jack’s cock was being tested, and it worked, soon Harry changed into a sexy brunette with ample tits, a much more appropriate blowjob partner for Jack considering he was straight. At the same time, what disgusted Harry seconds earlier, was now tasting great, and turning him on as his new equipment moistened below and his pulled down blue jeans became pulled down leggings. Over nearby his sneakers became flats his socks became nude knee highs, while his underwear by the leggings became black silk panties and the shirt off the side, a satin white sexy blouse with puffy shoulders and bell sleeves, with a bra forming nearby matching the black panties around his knees with the leggings. Reality was shifting as Jack had hoped, turning a male into a female and only he and Harry would ever remember the former Harry Lang. To everyone else he or rather SHE was now Harriet Lang, the town slut, instead of the town basketball champ. Tears rolled down Harriet’s new face as she couldn’t resister her new urges of sucking off Jack, and at the massive changes her body had went through as well, her manhood now just a recent memory. She couldn’t believe she was into men and cocks now, and fully female, she could even smell pussy, and knew it was her own. She was a nympho, proving that Jack’s wish to the one wish genie to have a magical cock that turns men into slutty sexy nymphomaniac women was a “suck-sess” no pun intended….

Instant Female Experience

Jeff wished so badly for a new life, he had no life, no friends, no prospects. When his wish was answered by unknown forces, he found things very different. He had ample boobs, long hair, and long sexy legs in black stockings and feet in heels. He was sitting on a man, pumping his large cock deep inside of him in a new place, a vagina! He found his dainty right hand rubbing his new clitoris to increase pleasure, while this man pounded him going inside and out thrusting. Read more

Hate to Embrace

Joe Donovan was a hard working farmer most of his life, and one night after a long days work on the fields, he wished on a shooting star. Read more

Insuring Your Existence

To insure Ted’s existence in the future, his lab partner had to send him back in time to insure his own birth. When Ted arrived in 1974 in his mom’s body no less, he was in shock. He had to get pregnant with himself however, so he made love to her boyfriend in her body, and knew when to push him off the bed and duck, when the perpetrators arrived to prevent his conception. The plan worked, and Ted got the better of them, trained to be strong even in his mom’s body. Read more

The Reparations

The war of the kingdom came to an abrupt end when the royal family announced that they’d give in to the demand of the noble alliance which started the war. For a royal bloodline to wed the duke. The princess volunteered herself to be the bride of the duke to stop the carnage. But, as the reparation of the war, the duke demanded more than he first asked for. Instead of a princess, he demanded two of royal bloodline to be his. The king retorted that the younger princess died of illness in the siege, and the two princes died in the war. In fact, the death of his last heir was what made him surrender to the duke’s terms as he saw no hope in life. Read more

Halloween Joke

Henry, Lena’s younger brother swapped their bodies before the Halloween night, so he could go to a more grown up party, while she would be stuck trick or treating. Henry even made a face at her from her own body, taunting her in his. Read more

“Almost as Big” Epilogue 2

Tori and her mother sat on the edge of her bed, staring into the mirror and comparing their breast sizes.
“Look Mommy!” Tori shouted. “The baby made my boobies even bigger!” And she was right. Her tits had grown at least another cup size since her pregnancy, and by her mother’s strained smile it’s fairly obvious that hadn’t escaped her notice.
“That’s great,” her mother said. “And since the baby was adopted by that nice man and lady, I guess that means that those big titties are all mine!” She leaned over and groped Tori’s right tit, causing her to moan in pleasure. She’s going to be much more popular now…


Jason was just grateful that the subway car was not full as he really needed to sit down and relieve his aching back and swollen ankles. Read more