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Your Either With Us or With Us

Jack, Tim, and Georgio, said that either Clarence was with them or with them. Clarence didn’t understand that reference, wouldn’t he not be with them if he decided to not be? That made no sense, but soon it would. Jack explained he meant that if Clarence wasn’t with them in the business, a rather shady one in fact, then he would be with them anyway, still serving them in “some” regard. Read more

An Eye Opening Experience

Jeff and Dirk wondered what they had gotten themselves into. They agreed to allow their girlfriends to use their magic spell book to change them into chicks for a night out with them on their side of the fence. They said would be an eye opening experience, and they would just shop and catch a movie. As they arrived at the male strip club however, Jeff and Dirk’s sexy new eyes were definitely opened. Read more

Instant Female Experience

Jeff wished so badly for a new life, he had no life, no friends, no prospects. When his wish was answered by unknown forces, he found things very different. He had ample boobs, long hair, and long sexy legs in black stockings and feet in heels. He was sitting on a man, pumping his large cock deep inside of him in a new place, a vagina! He found his dainty right hand rubbing his new clitoris to increase pleasure, while this man pounded him going inside and out thrusting. Read more

Just a Taste

Kevin said on a hiking trip with his buddy Percy that he wanted if not much, then a taste of what it was like to be a well hung stud. Kevin was small in that department, and wondered often what it would be like if he were a real “well hung” male in sex. They reached an odd stone with a strange language, and as Kevin touched it, there was a glow. Read more

Wish on a Whim

Drunk and crazy one night looking up porn with red heads, Terrence passingly wished he was a slutty red head himself, curious how it was on their side. He was stunned and soon very sober, as he was on his knees feeling different, while a man emptied his cum with his huge dick into Terrence’s mouth! He was a she and she got her first taste of cum right from the start. Read more

New Taste Test

Jed said he had a new taste test where they all would be satisfied. His buddies Vince and Wilson agreed to the taste test. Suddenly they were by the beach, feeling strange yet horny, and Jed was completely naked with his cock sticking out. The two realized they were both chicks now, and horny too, the cock was calling them, turning them on. They both were drawn to it, they were now sluts, as they tasted their new partner Jed. Once the cum exploded on the two new sluts, they relished the taste. Read more

Double Meat

An angry Ted told the drive through girl he asked for “double meat” on his burger, and only got a single, then he called her a whore, and said maybe she wanted the double meat instead. She got angry, and told her manager, a strange old man in a bathrobe. He came to the drive up window and told Ted what for. Read more

Hot for Teacher

Jack was hot for his history teacher, Mrs. May, and one day while doing the reading for her class, he wished he knew what she was doing at that moment. Suddenly he was feeling weird, and staring at a big naked muscular and hairy man, the principal and her husband, Mr. Charles May. He had never seen Principal May naked before, nor had he ever wanted to, but in a weird way, for some reason he was looking attractive. Read more