I used to be a spy. I was hired to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that was running some shady experiments. I was the best at what I did. Up until this time, I had never been caught.

But something went wrong, the bosses at the company were alerted of my presence. I was taken by the security guards to a cell. There, I was interrogated, they told me that for my own good I should comply. But I resisted for hours, even days. Then one day they came with a syringe. I would have resisted being injected with it, but I had restrains in both my hands and feet.

“Done, the nanobots should do their work now” I heard them say “keep the subject under observation”. What came next was extreme pain, I felt like my body was being destroyed inside out. I am sure it must have lasted for days. One of my captors came to see me, “she turned better than I expected, the boss will be pleased”. “she? what the hell did he mean she?” I tried to talk, but couldn’t.

I was then put through some kind of hypnothic therapy, I tried to resist, but I was told again and again that I had to comply. That I would love serving my new masters. After a while I did believe them, I became the slave they wanted me to become.

They unchained me, “You will now go upstairs and do everything the boss tells you too”. They gave me a dress, which I wore with plenty of ease. I walked sexily all the way to the elevator, and to my new masters office. Once I got there, I saw a kitchen, I remembered my boss has his own appartment inside the company. “Hello Kim, how are you feeling?” my master told me. “Never better” I answered. “Please Amy, I have to finish your training. You will now have sex with me, and enjoy it”.

He didn’t have to say so. I wanted him so bad. I took my dress off, I stood on the frame of the door, and waited for him to come take me. I was just so happy to comply.


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