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Hey. I caught you. Don’t think I didn’t. I know. Your eyes were probing my hot rear. You couldn’t resist your testosterone fuelled urges. But I’m not upset. In fact, I can’t blame you. I have a hot rear. It’s so girly and nicely shaped. You see I was a man. Before the incident that was.
I was devastated initially. I couldn’t live as a woman but I adjusted and now I’m a strong woman.
I don’t blame you. If I were still a man and I saw a beautiful female such as myself, I’d have to be holding myself back not to touch her. But I gurrantee you it’s better being the woman. I can touch myself whenever I want. And that sexy rear makes a luxurious seat cushion. Oh well, enjoy your view, I now that I enjoy the body.

Turn you Straight 2

“Oh, she should do nicely!” I thought, as I left the girl I’d just possessed in the woods just off the path and wandered into the group passing along the walk. I jumped into the younger looking one of the 5, and told them I’d forgotten something at the dorm.
As I began to walk back towards the dorms and Jess, I contemplated how best to go after her/his orientation change. I had to force her body to respond to mine. Did that mean I needed to be more aggressive? Read more


I used to be a spy. I was hired to infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that was running some shady experiments. I was the best at what I did. Up until this time, I had never been caught. Read more